Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We'll be Leaving Soon

We're planning to leave here tomorrow, headed south toward Yosemite National Park. And, as if on cue, the sun came out yesterday!

And the wildlife showed up! Monday evening, a big tom turkey strutted (and I do mean strutted, with all his plumage spread out) down the road, followed by a meek and unassuming hen. (Male and female readers, make of that what you will, it's nature's way!) By the time I got the motorhome door open, these were the only shots I could get. Not very good at all. But in my memory, he remains splendid!

Next morning, the tom came down the road alone, so he didn't have to strut and preen. No picture opportunity at all.

So we drove to Sacramento to do some essential shopping, and found Sam's Club on the way. We bought some dried mushrooms (4 bottles) of them, and a few other necessary or unecessary items. These mushrooms are lightweight, but they reconsititute very well for cooking (such as in my deluxe omelets).
Now the evening dark is coming upon us, the sewer tanks have been serviced, and we are sleepy -- so we'll say good night! We'll see you next from somewhere near Yosemite National Park for the next edition of ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. LOVE the sun and the forest. Isn't it just the best! Can't wait to see your pics from yosemite. One of my absolute favorite places!

  2. Jerry,
    If you are coming to Park Sierra, here is the address to our website. There you will find instructions on getting your 50% off on a weeks stay. If you have any problems, call me from the office at extension 513 and I will bring you a coupon.
    Your faithful blog follower,
    Dave Cross

  3. I'll reserve my comments on the female following the male...but I applaud your efforts at getting a good photo of the Tom! We've never used dried mushrooms, but that's a good idea, especially since they're hard to find fresh this far north. Maybe we'll check out the Anchorage Sam's Club tomorrow!

  4. Please send the sun my way - we're just a couple of states east and north of you. Those Tom's really do know how to put on a show. And we women fall for them every time.

  5. Nice to see a few wild Turkey's! Great looking forest trails in your pics. Hope your weather stays good for Yosemite.

  6. Eagerly looking forward to riding along on your trip to Yosemite. It's been too long since we have been there so we'll at least see it through your eyes. Travel safe and have fun.

  7. Haven't made it to Yosemite yet so you had better bring back some good pictures.....:))


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