Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Odds and Ends from Pollock Pines

We are enjoying this Ghost Mountain Ranch as much as we did years ago, perhaps more now, since the park is virtually empty. Our two closest neighbors both moved out yesterday morning. so our side of the road is just us! It would be better, of course, if we had a sewer hookup!

We noticed that the park has a "ranch house" available to rent, one that will sleep 14! What a place, we thought, for a family gathering some time in the future. We asked to take a look at the place; the lady in charge said she couldn't let us go through, but we could go look through the windows. Whoopee. We asked about sleeping arrangements, and she wasn't really certain, thought there might be two real bedrooms, and maybe the other beds didn't have full linens, pillows, etc., provided. But if we wanted to go look through the windows ... She showed us where to find the ranch house, and we drove down that way. Thanks but no thanks! The place is located behind a locked gate, beyond the RV storage area, and didn't look at all inviting. Again, thanks but no thanks!

Yesterday (Monday) we drove down to Placerville to the Boeger Vineyard, to buy some wine for daughter Debbie's 50th birthday family celebration. Even on a grey rainy day, the place looks wonderful.

The Boeger Gateway

A closer look at the gate.
The lady in the sampling room was a long time employee. She worked there when they first started holding the special Mother's Day events we had attended two or three times. She told us that the event became so popular, with people arriving at 8:00am, demanding reserved tables and special treatment, hundreds of people descending on this one small area, that they had to stop holding the event.
After judicious tasting (they offer free tasting of up to six varieties of their splendid wines) we made our selections and drove away.

Instead of returning to Pollock Pines along the US 50 4-lane freeway, we took the back roads through the wonderful Apple Hill area. Apple Hill is best visited in late summer and fall, as most of the apple orchards are displaying their wares, both fresh from the trees and made into pies, fritters, cider, whatever. Some of the biggest have special events, gift shops, pony rides, picnic areas. At least half a dozen wineries make their home in the "official" Apple Hill area, and more than four dozen more are located within El Dorado County.

But apples, berries, cherries and wines aren't the only lovely things in this area. Mother nature does her best, and spring is a lovely season here.

Apple trees building their strength for the annual crop.

New young Douglas fir preparing to tower into the sky.

New growth provides a bright contrast.

And old growth makes way for new alongside the tree farm.

And, of course, the dogwood!
It was a joyous day for us in Apple Hill country. We'll be here a couple more days, then off to a park near Yosemite, and after that we've been invited to visit an Escapee Park at Coarsegold, CA. We're into GOLD COUNTRY for sure in this part of ... Our Life on Wheels!


  1. I love California's wine country but haven't been to that winery. Thanks for the visit and the great photos!

  2. It's so green. Beautiful pictures. It sure doesn't sounds like they want to rent out that "ranch" very bad. Such a shame when it could be a beautiful area.

  3. I haven't visited Apple Hill but I've heard good reports, including yours. It sounds like you and Suzy are not letting the wet weather spoil your time in California. I will look forward to reading your review of the Coarsegold Escapee park, the Yosemite park, and seeing your Yosemite pictures!

  4. It's a long standing tradition with my family to go to Apple Hill in the fall. That entire area all the way to Nevada is so beautiful.

  5. The winery pictures are beautiful! Just like the photos of the Douglas fir, I like the varying shades of green throughout their vineyard.


  6. Looks like a nice winery to visit and shop especially since they allow free tasting of six different wines. It always amazes me to see just how many of these small wineries seem to make a good living off of it. We've got about a dozen right here in the Cowichan Valley.

    Nice tree photos too!

  7. Aw yes, the color green. We sure miss all our greeness in the winter months while in Arizona but to stay here in Canada pretty much means zero greeness for the winter months. We do love Cactus green though. I am one of those rare individuals who never did like the taste of wine, any wine, but I might find a Vineyard tour interesting simply for the fact of seeing something different for a change.

  8. LOVE the countryside and the winery! Our kind of trip! Nina

  9. You're in our main stomping grounds - my parents live in Shingle Springs and my sister in Diamond Springs (both near Placerville). We visit Placerville and Apple Hill each time we are in the area. El Dorado and Amador counties are some of our favorite wine tasting areas!

    I envy your upcoming visit to Yosemite. Even the national news has been doing stories on Yosemite this year. Looking forward to your photos.


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