Saturday, June 4, 2011

New State, wet state

We have moved into California, and it is raining. That second part isn't news to a lot of people, I know. There's been a lot of rain. But we haven't been in much of it. We've been in sunshine, we've been in snow, we've been in wind. Now we get the rain.

But that's not bad. It started softly during the night, and continued softly all morning and into the afternoon today. We actually enjoy the sound of rain on Rosie's roof, as long is it isn't torrential, and as long as it isn't leaking in. One benefit to this rain is that I'll be able to go out and wipe the bugs off the rig more easily. A quick rub with a microsoft towel and that'll be it.

Our drive here to Pollock Pines from Carson City was a beautiful 82 miles across the Sierra. We crossed Luther Pass on CA89, then Echo Summit on US50, both in the 7300 to 7700 foot range of elevation. The climb up 88 to join 89 was a tough one for Rosie. The last time we did that we detached the car and drove separately, and we should have done that this time too. There was lots of snow in the upper elevations, but the highways were clear and dry. And we returned to an area of the country we really enjoy, the western slope of the Sierra Nevada, with fir, pine, oak and cedar trees, cascading water, and very clean air.

Isn't it surprising when you stop and think about how many places we can say are our favorites, how many places we really love?
We arrived at Ghost Mountain Ranch (a membership park with exchange privileges in AOR and ROD and others) too early to check in, so we parked Rosie in an area near their "Ghost Town" and drove the Suzuki back to town, where we found an excellent blue cheese burger, beer battered fries and blackberry milkshake for lunch. Less than $20. If you come through Pollock Pines, the Burger Barn is the place to stop.

Next we went to Safeway to pick up a few necessities, and returned to Ghost Mountain Ranch, where we were assigned site 39. The sites are pretty close together, but the park is not at all crowded. We have open sites on each side of us, and those beautiful trees looking down on us. There are also dogwoods around, but none of them in the actual campground area are blooming. This one was beside the entrance road.

Rosie feels right at home among the trees.

So do we feel at home among the trees!
It's been a long time since my Boy Scout days spending summer weeks in the Sierra, so I've forgotten the names of these flowers. I can still enjoy seeing them near our campsite.

Since our readers among the smartest in the world, maybe someone can fill in the names for us?!?!

For those who were wondering, Grandmother made it here just fine, singing along with every turn or bump. She'll get home in good shape, we're sure. The next challenge will be to untie her and carry her from Rosie into the house, She'll be singing again, all the way, of course.

For the rest of our time here in Pollock Pines, well, we want to mostly relax. but we have to make a couple of trips: one to Sacramento, the other to Placerville to buy a case of wine. The wine will be for daughter Debbie's 50th birthday party. She has planned an all-family four-day get-together, and we promised a case of wine from Boeger Winery. Years ago our young family (including Suzy's Mom) spent time in the Placerville area, including two visits to Boeger Winery for Mother's Day. Boeger puts on a very special celebration for Mother's Day, and we want to carry that specialness over to this birthday. It is a major happening in ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. I looked at the Tahoe weather this morning just to see if there was any snow up there. It looks like a rainy week coming up. We go more than three inches of rain here in the Santa Cruz Mountains today.

  2. If you guys get a little further south, consider stopping in at the most beautiful SKP park in the system. Park of the Sierras is located at the junction of hwy 41 and road 416, just 4 miles south of Coarsegold, about half way between Yosemite and Fresno. We are having a special this year. Half off for a week. Just $48.00 plus electric for 7 nights. I've been following your blog for some time now and Lynn and I would love to meet you and Suzy and show off our park.

  3. Love sleeping when it's a soft, slow rain tapping on the roof. Your pics are BEAUTIFUL. Cannot imagine snow in June -- enjoy & be safe out there! Glad Grandmother is making the trip okay!

  4. Rosie looks wonderful sitting there among the trees. Just wish she had a little more sunshine hitting on her. Be sure to take pictures of Grandma's trip into the house. She deserves to be recorded for history's sake.

  5. Have a great time in Hangtown! We enjoyed our visit there last December--it's definitely an area we would like to return to.

  6. Those are some nice motorcycle roads you've driven on, as I did in my previous life, but a little tough to take in an RV. I don't know what the flowers are, but they're pretty! Nice pics.

  7. Looks like you've found a very nice spot to settle in for a few days even with a bit of rain. Glad to hear Grandmother is doing well and hasn't fallen or anything like that.

  8. I grew up in Rancho Cordova, now a suburb of Sacramento and used to go to Placerville, Pollock Pines, and Cameron Park with my parents and sisters. Love that area. Have fun!!!

  9. Always nice to be camped under large green trees in a quiet forest setting. We miss our trees when we are in the southwest each winter but also know they are always a short distance away up almost any mountainside.

  10. I fail to find the long list of 'Links', under "Links to this Post", of any great value. Perhaps you can explain what benefit they have when someone is reading your blog?


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