Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting Ready

Where have you been, Billy Boy? That’s the title of a song my grandmother used to sing. I’m not Billy Boy, but you may be wondering where we have been, since it’s been awfully quiet in our corner for a while. Maybe I’m thinking that’s there’s not much of interest going on in our lives.

Then I have to remember a while back when Rick of "Rick and Paulette's RV Travels" was having doubts early on in his blog about whether what he would write about would be of interest to anybody. I advised him then that all he had to do was write about what was of interest to HIM and his readers would be interested too. Rick took off like a shot after that and has been going like gangbusters ever since.

Maybe I should give myself a good talking to!

So what have we been doing? Getting ready. Getting ready for what, you may ask? Well, getting ready to publish the next edition of Saguaro Signs, the periodic newsletter of the SKP Saguaro Chapter 21. Suzy is the Chapter’s Treasurer and Membership Officer, and I’m the Vice President and Newsletter Editor.

Getting ready for Spring Fling. That’s the three-day event coming up soon here in our park. It’ll be a gala activity with food, entertaining, beverages (Polar Bears!), and a little “gambling.” As I’m writing, Suzy is sorting poker chips.

Checking out the size of the job!

Busy at work, being very patient.

Getting ready to get onto the Board of Directors here at the park. There’s an election this week, and I’m a candidate for the Board. It’s not really an election, of course, and I'm not really a candidate. Yes we all had to vote, and most of the ballots are already turned in; they just have to be counted Wednesday morning. But that’s a formality, as there are three positions open and only three candidates, so it’s a shoo-in. Some are calling it a railroad!

Getting ready for another rally coming up, but that's in April. Suzy will be accepting registrations and accounting for all the money. One of the big things we do at our SKP Chapter 21 rallies is raise money to support CARE, which (I believe) stands for "Continuing Assistance for Recovering Escapees." CARE is a one-of-a-kind facility, like a cross between adult day care and assisted living. It is open to Escapee Members who are aging or recovering from major illness or injury, who need more care than they can get in their own homes or RVs, but don't need actual nursing care. CARE clients live on-campus in Livingston, Texas, in their own RVs. They come into the CARE center during the day, get three meals a day, and can socialize, do crafts, play games, or just sit -- if any of the other residents will let them just sit. There is a small paid staff, including a registered nurse, and a lot of volunteers helping out. CARE is one of the most respected and valued parts of the Escapees program.

Getting ready for Ladies' Night Out. This is an annual affair here at the park, where the ladies get to sit around, socialize, imbibe, and have dinner cooked by the fellas and served by the fellas. There is scandalous (Suzy calls it ribald) entertainment, and the gals come home floating on a cloud. This year's theme is luau, so there'll be Hawaiian music and Hawaiian food; the waiters will be wearing grass skirts and coconut shells. Do you have any idea who one of the waiters will be? Yup! Wouldn't miss it for the world. But some of the guys have already objected to the costume and will wear Tee shirts and aprons! Whassa matter with them dopes anyhow?

So are we just getting ready? Aren't we dong anything for real? Well, last weekend we popped down to Sunizona, AZ, for lunch, on a tip from Al and Kelly of the Bayfield Bunch. Sandy's is a nice little restaurant with good food and an adjoining RV park with full hookups at a very reasonable price.

The RV Park is directly behind the restaurant.

Sandy herself was our server - neat lady from Alabama!

I wonder if Al noticed this "Socky" character!

After lunch we headed into Chiricahua National Monument for another look at the strange rock formations. This time in the sunshine; last time it was cloudy. We took several pictures, but we'd also like to point out some shots taken by Joe and Nancy of RVing Beach Bums. If you'd like to see our photos, you can go to our web album, 2011 Chiricahua National Monument.

Of course there have been several trips to Tucson for doctors' appointments, but that doesn't count. Oh, on one of those trips we stopped for lunch at Little Anthony's, a diner right out of the 50s.

They even have a real soda counter.

Oh, Suzy's done sorting poker chips, and it's time for bed. First, let's just take a moment to welcome a bunch of new Followers:
Russ Krecklow
Donna K of Travel Therapy
The Good Luck Duck
Dear Miss Mermaid
Alan and Connie of Travels
Bob and Vicki of Cedar Creekin
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Wow! Where did you all come from while we were asleep? Welcome, friends, to ... Our Life on Wheels!


  1. I really, REALLY enjoyed your blog today. That picture of Suzy counting chips is priceless! I needed a good laugh and this was it. Good luck with your upcoming social and let the chips fall where they may!

    P.S. thanks for welcoming me as a follower to your blog. I had to change my blog URL today as I was guilty of trademark infringement - who knew? (that's why I have my new URL as part of my signature. I'll remove it in a few days)

  2. No wonder you haven't posted anything lately - sounds like you've been busy!

  3. nice work sorting the poker chips..funny how a whole lot of nothing..winds up being a whole lot of something worth writing about!!..thanks for the great update!!

  4. I see what's been happening. Jerry and Suzy have been too BUSY to blog. Too busy getting ready, too busy going to appointments, too busy volunteering and serving, too busy checking out neat restaurants, and too busy sightseeing. Uh huh, I'm onto you! ;)

  5. I'd say you've been pretty busy! :)

  6. It's nice to see the new owners of Sandy'e in Sunizona making a success out of their venture. And no, didn't see the Socky on the Donkey but we did see the Wonky on the Wooky. I like the 50's decor in Little Anthony's Diner. Think I'm going to go out & get myself a big box of jumbled poker chips. By the look on Suzi's face I am obviously missing something in life. There may be poker chips on the table but there is certainly no poker face on the Gal:))

  7. I have been a part of elections in clubs where I did not,run, did not campaign, and still got elected when I said I would not serve. Funny thing about clubs :)

  8. You two have a very busy life!

    CARE (Continuing Assistance for Retired Escapees) is a wonderful benefit for all of us who are members of the Escapees RV Club. I just did a talk about this service during the Escapees SOLOs rally in Quartzsite, and several of them wanted to fill out an application right away!

    I hope your readers will scroll down to see that superb photo below your blog. Love the mirror effect of the lake!

  9. Loooove classic 50's diners! Will have to add that one to our list West. Nina

  10. I remember your advice on blogging well and have followed it ever since - sort of like marching to my own drummer! Thanks again.

    Now I understand why you haven't been blogging much - way too busy with everything else. As for the election to the Board, sure sounds like you've got a good chance of winning!

    That diner must have designed by the same guy who did Ruby's here in Palm Springs - it's almost the same!

  11. Maybe Suzy should hustle on over to Vegas ..get a job counting over there!!! Sounds to me like you two have been very busy..!and WILL be very busy!! Chiricahua National Monument is on our "do it, damnit" list!! Thanks for the updates..Stay safe and warm!

  12. Good update. I think the best thing about blogging is that everyone does it in their own way and their own time! If people want to read it they will if not, that's OK too.

    The only rules I think about are in the comment area. the best rule is:

    If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything.


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