Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Do you play games on your computer? We do. We play the simple games like Solitaire, Free Cell, Spider, and Hearts.

Did you ever win at Hearts? Of course, probably about 30% of the time. That’s our range too.

Did you ever play a perfect game of Hearts? What’s a perfect game, you ask?  A perfect game is one in which you beat the sh## out of every other player and score a perfect ZERO yourself.

That’s what I did tonight. I got zero cards, not one, not any! Zip, zap, zilch, nada, rien, not a single card, no hearts, no queen of spades, not any. NOTHING!

The final score was: ME 0, them: 83, 113, 90. How ‘bout them apples!

Well, so much for excitement. Now the weather (we all talk about it, right?). The high today at our place was 36 degrees. Yes, this is Arizona. The low tonight is forecast to be 11 degrees. Eleven. Twenty-one degrees below freezing. The high tomorrow is supposed to be about 33.

Okay! We’re happy with that. We don’t have two feet of snow like Chicago. We aren’t having cyclones like Australia, on top of recent flooding. We aren’t in a state of revolt, like so much of the Middle East. We’re just COLD. Back in Montana we’d have been happy with this weather, and we’d have been dressed to deal with it.

Tomorrow morning at 10:00 is our SKP Saguaro Park’s annual meeting. The highlight of the meeting, of course, will be my installation as a member of the Board of Directors. Whoopee! Suzy will be there with the camera, so we’ll be able to show you pictures.

One of our friends asked me today if I was ready to become “something less than human.” Another friend told me that her committee, the Long Range Planning Committee, was ready to give the Board something major to chew on. I was looking forward to tomorrow as a good thing, Why is everyone suddenly descending upon me?

As a park, and as a Co-op, and especially as a Board of Directors, we are facing some challenges. The park is over 20 years old, it is aging. The infrastructure is needing a bunch of updating. The residents are getting older, and some are finding life a little tough as they age. What will the Board do about it? Why did the park wait until now, now that I’m going to be part of the tough decisions? Last year, all they had to decide was which trees to cut down!

So --- welcome to my life on the Board, and … Out Life on Wheels!


  1. You can handle it. Pretend it is just a game of Hearts.

  2. Congratulations on the perfect Hearts game! Sorry it's so cold in Benson, but glad you don't have to deal with snow, too. I'm sure you'll do a great job on the Co-op Board, but it will be challenging.

  3. I hate making decisions and Dennis is even worse about it...That's why we don't get involved in that stuff...Good thing there are peeps out there like you who do it for us!!!

  4. Sounds like you won't be bored being on the board! :)

    I'm addicted to the game Flip Words2. I can even play it on line against folks from around the globe...

  5. For all the time I've spent on computers, I've very seldom ever played any kind of game on them. I don't think I even know how to play Hearts but it's the first game I've ever known of where the guy who gets '0' is the big winner. Interesting!

  6. Must have missed your post. We aren't game people either whether it be on the computer or on the kitchen table. Having been involved with things like a Field Naturalist Club, a hiking club & a camera club, etc years ago I'm now quite content to be a member of the totally nothing club. However, having been involved with clubs many years ago I do understand the need for organization. It's a good thing the world has folks like you guys who enjoy that kind of stuff or a lot of things wouldn't even get organized in the first place.

  7. Never had a perfect game, but my average at the moment is 52%.


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