Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Rally’s Over, It’s Time to Call it a Day

The rally is over, we were about the last to leave, and now we are having a day of mostly rest at Gila Bend. Tomorrow it’s off to home, laundry, cleaning, and other fun tasks!
So how did the rally go? It was one of the best! The rally hosts, P1030632-1Don and Sharon, pulled out all the stops: donuts and coffee most mornings, a hot breakfast one morning; a no-host dinner at a big casino, daily happy hour, a “burn your own” barbecue dinner, door prizes for everyone, a Polar Bear party (see my earlier post about Polar Bear Parties, I Failed My Boy Scout Test This Morning) and an afternoon game session.
The game was based on the TV game show “Minute to Win It.” Participants were given tasks to complete in a minute (sometimes a little longer). The first, seemingly simple, task was to assemble the 16 pieces of the front of a Cheerios box, like a picture puzzle.P1030613
The second task was to stack 36 large plastic cups in a pyramid, and then return the 36 cups to a single stack … in 60 seconds. It’s tougher than it looks!P1030625

Another task was to bounce a ping pong ball across the floor and land it on a slice of bread slathered with peanut butter. The ball had to settle on the peanut butter, not roll off.



Fourth was to roll a marble the length of a tabletop, so that it stopped on and stuck to a strip of double faced tape. There were plenty or marbles to roll, but you could move them only one at a time.

The final task was the Oreo Cookie Challenge. You sat in a chair, tipped your head back while the emcee placed an Oreo on your forehead. P1030690The challenge was to move that cookie from your forehead down to and into your mouth! No hands allowed. There were some interesting facial gyrations in this challenge!
Seniors love to play! After all, this is our second, or maybe third, childhood!
The Chapter’s annual meeting was held at this rally as well, with the election of officers for 2011. To no one’s surprise, Suzy was re-elected as Treasurer, and I won the Vice-Presidency.
So much for another episode in … Our Life on Wheels.


  1. It's really cool that you two are great joiners, volunteers and active in your RV community...It's because of you, and people like you, that McGuyver and I can sit on our anti-social butts and soak up all the good you help create..Keep on "Rally'in" you two ...and thanks!!!

  2. glad you all had a great time!..the games look like fun!!!

  3. Sounds like a great rally... I know you must have had a GREAT time.
    Have fun & Travel Safe

  4. Well, as you know, rallies aren't our cup of tea but it's people's wide diversity of interests that brings us all together & makes everything work so well in our wondrously wonderful RV community.

  5. Great report, Jerry! I'm so glad you got those pics of people participating in the games. It was fun and we enjoyed seeing you and Suzy.

  6. Ah, but did you win anything in a minute? Seriously, congratulations on re-election for Suzy and the vice-presidency for you.

  7. Glad you had fun and enjoyed the rally although those games would have driven me up the wall!!

    Congrats on your election to 'da Board'!!

  8. Nice going Jerry and Suzy!! You guys are the greatest!

  9. Looks like a good time. Whoever said old people can't play? Better to be off your rockers than in them...


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