Friday, January 8, 2010

Hither, Thither, Dither and --- Yawn

Did you ever have one of those days that had you spinning and whirling with chores and errands that, while necessary and appropriate, left you wrung out and weary of all the comings and goings? That was today.yawn 1 yawn 2

Up at 5:15, read emails, fix breakfast, eat breakfast, make the bed, do the dishes, run the garbage and recycling up to the dumpsters.

8:45am, leave for Tucson. Return unused water pipe heat tape to Lowes and use their restroom; buy toilet paper on sale at CVS Pharmacy; visit Suzy’s doctor for her monthly review, wait 45 minutes past the appointed hour; drive to Costco and fill up with gas; return to doctor’s office to pick up forgotten prescription.

1:00pm, lunch at Pizza Hut (any pizza, any size, any crust, and any toppings, $10 – except they didn’t mention that the “stuffed crust” pizza costs a dollar extra).

1:45pm, visit SuperCuts so Suzy could get her hair cut, then on to Fry’s supermarket to shop for bargains ($99 worth).

4:15pm, head back home to Benson, arrive at 5:00pm, put away the cold stuff and the fresh vegetables.

5:45pm, head up to the park’s Club House for the monthly fish fry. Now, that was the highlight of the day! Excellent crisp fish, baked potato, coleslaw, with the requisite tartar sauce, butter and sour cream. We had tickets for the 6:00 seating, the last shift.

7:10pm, return home, sit down and write this blog post, and pretty soon head for bed. Remember, we were up at 5:15 this morning, which isn’t terribly unusual. Sleeping as late as 6:30 would be a real luxurious treat!yawn 3

That was today, in  … Our Life on Wheels.


Just a few pieces of information which won’t make any difference in your life, but are interesting to us. There are 181 leaseholder sites filled today, plus 97 guests (these are the daily, weekly, monthly renters plus the 6- or 12-month lease folks). We’d have more leaseholders here now, but a lot of them have gone over to a county park on the Colorado River for a SKP rally. Still, 140 people came to the fish fry tonight.

We have been enjoying our weather here. We get pretty chilly overnight, but the daytime highs have been into the high 60s. And best of all, we have 360 degree gorgeous sunrises and sunsets nearly every day. IMG_2780 This is our home, southeastern Arizona!


  1. Jerry, you are a gifted writer. This was a great post. Enjoyed every word. Sleep well!

  2. Sleeping in until 6:30 wouldn't be a luxury for me. I'd figure I had died so would just roll over, close my eyes, & wait for the undertaker:((

  3. Enjoyed the post, Jerry, even if it did make me feel tired already and it's only 7:30am!! I don't know what today will bring, but I don't think it will be quite as busy as your day yesterday - at least I hope not.

  4. The last yawn insert capped off a great blog!

  5. Your blog just makes me tired reading it. I hate those kind of days. But ending it with a beautiful sunset make it all OK :)


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