Monday, January 11, 2010

Hitch Your Wagon to a --- What?

One of the things we enjoy about being here in Benson is the sky. I’ve mentioned before, the 360 degree sunsets and sunrises. Here are a couple of examples:IMG_4950 November-2012 While we are talking about things we enjoy: we also enjoy a sense of humor; we enjoy reading other RVers’ blogs. We especially enjoy reading others’ blogs if their writers have a sense of humor.

We’re offering you a link to a blog written with a great sense of humor, about an RVing topic that is close to every RVer. If you don’t happen to be an RVer, you can still enjoy this blog while learning about that subject that is close to every RVer. BUT, before you switch to this other blog, put down any coffee cups, knives, or other dangerous objects. If you have someone else in the room with you, read this one aloud.

Are you ready? Click right here.

Hope you liked it! That’s how it is in … Our Life on Wheels.

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  1. Stunning pictures and a hilarious story...what a combination!

  2. Love the pictures, and I am sure I would love the views!

  3. Aw yes, the good old Honey Wagon. Well, I guess somebody has to do it. Can't imagine why anybody would want to grow up & become a honey wagon driver though. Obviously that guy with the cigar isn't worried about methane gas. D'ya think he knows something the rest of us don't.......

  4. Great pics, Jerry. Funny story too, quite a character!

  5. Hey Al, thats EARL,, He owns the place!!! Good one Jer....


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