Thursday, January 14, 2010

There are Eyes and There are Eyes

There is such a thing as a photographer’s eye, but not everyone who takes photographs really has a photographer's eye. Even those who do have a photographer’s eye sometimes just take snapshots to get something recorded.

The best example of a photographer with a photographer’s eye is our friend Al Bossence, the Stargeezer. Please take a look at his pictures of an Olympic ice skater in his Tuesday night blog, but then come right back here. Click on Stargeezer to check it out.

But here at home there is not always time to even grab the camera and use my version of the photographer’s eye, so I’ll ask you to use the eye of your own imagination for this one.

Suzy is getting ready to fix breakfast. Usually that’s my job, but once in a while Suzy offers to make one of her breakfast sandwiches: English muffin, one side spread with mayonnaise, the other with a little bit of horseradish. Got the picture? Good. Hold on to it.

Then she’ll put a couple of Wal-Mart's frozen pre-cooked sausage patties in the microwave to heat up. Still with us? Then she’ll fry a couple of eggs to go into the sandwich, and it’ll be a great breakfast.

Suzy uses egg-rings to keep the eggs contained in just the right size circle while she fries them in a pan sprayed with non-stick spray, like Pam. Now get ready for a new picture.

I’m sitting at the computer by the dining room table, and here in our trailer the dining room is part of the kitchen and living room. As I got ready to move a stack of cards from one place to another, I heard a loud “klonk” sound, then a plaintive cry of “Help!” I jumped up as fast as I can, which isn't all that fast anymore and I saw Suzy holding the can of Pam spray. What's happened is that she had removed the cap from the can, and the can slipped from her grasp to land on the floor, on it’s spray nozzle, and the sprayer got stuck, spraying Pam everywhere. It was filling her hand and dripping down to the floor!

With not quite lightning-quick reflexes, I grabbed a wad of paper towels and, as I was getting down on my knees, Suzy passed me the spray cleaner. I sprayed the cleaner on the floor and instantly got a cramp in my right thigh. Here we were, Pam spray all over the floor, Pam spray all over Suzy’s hand (at least the spraying had stopped), and I’m on the floor with a leg cramp. You had to be there, I guess, but if you’ve got a good imagination, you can picture the whole thing in your mind’s eye.

And now we have a clean, non-stick kitchen floor! Easy sailing!

Changing the subject, down the road a piece, about halfway between the little town of St. David and the Town Too Tough to Die, Tombstone, is this neat windmill. Just wanted you to see that our desert isn’t all desert. One of our readers, Mike McFall, is nuts about windmills, so this part is dedicated to Mike.IMG_4953 IMG_4957 IMG_4955Thank you for being with us in this interesting day, just another episode of … Our Life on Wheels.

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  1. That breakfast sandwich sounds good minus the horseradish.

    We're thinking of going to St. David, Tombstone and the area next winter. Pretty good temps down there in Jan and Feb, Jerry?

  2. Photographer's eye or not, Jerry, that scene you described would have made a great shot with any camera and taken by anyone!! Most importantly, did the breakfast sandwiches still turn out as great as they sounded? I think Mike should have a nice pic of that breakfast along with all his windmills!

  3. Sounds like you guys had a classic 3 Stooges routine going on over there. Where was Curly when all this was happening?? You won't have to worry about any Arizona dust & mud sticking to your floor now. Thanks for the photo plug.....checks in the mail. From the pics I saw in your photo album you too have 'the eye:))' Had you had your camera in your pocket you could have a got a good pic of your....... non sticky situation:))

  4. LOL I can only imagine!! ha

    Donna Daniel

  5. What a video that would have made!


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