Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Back into Action

It’s been kind of quiet around here, and so have we. Now we’re back to tell you all about it.

Suzy’s shoulder surgery went well, and her shoulder is getting better all the time. She’ll never have 100% range of motion, the doctor says, but if she can get to 85% and not have the pain, we’re all for that!

Monday afternoon we had a Polar Bear Party! No, we didn’t all go jump into the ice cold ocean; that would’ve been a mighty long jump from here. Chapter 21, the SKP social organization for the southeastern Arizona area, hosted the party which also served as a membership drive and fund-raiser. We guess there were 150 folks there, most of them already members of Chapter 21, although we did sign up a few new members.

What’s that you say? Oh, Polar Bear? Yes, well, a Polar Bear is a frosty beverage brought to our attention by a couple that have had a home in Alaska for many years. Although Suzy and I don’t know the exact proportions, here’s the story: into your blender pour a bunch of Kahlua and a bunch of vodka. Add a generous amount of vanilla ice cream and a hefty handful of ice cubes. Blend until smooth, pour into 8-ounce glasses and get ready to make another batch quick! They are delicious.

Here’s “Captain” Jack Stout, our mixologist.PolarBearJan10 003 And this is his crew, ready to pour!PolarBearJan10 002 And there was plenty of food to go along with the fun.100_8760There’ll be another Polar Bear Party this weekend at our Chapter 21 winter rally along the Colorado River, and not far from Quartzsite. We’re missing this rally, but we had plenty of Polar Bears Monday!

Tuesday was laundry day, four loads up at the park’s laundry center. Wednesday was get some things done day. We made a pot of tortellini soup from a neighbor’s recipe, and pruned our Texas Ranger bushes out front. Prune is probably too tame a word. It was more like a slaughter! One bush had gotten quite rangy, and the other was being crowded by a bush from our neighbor’s yard. While I was at it, I whacked the neighbor’s bush pretty well too. All three bushes should be back up and beautiful this summer.

This is what the  large Texas Ranger looked like in full bloom last summer.IMG_3828 Here it is just before pruning.IMG_4937In process.102_4331  And finally, afterwards. 102_4354And that's how we’ve been spending this part of … Our Life on Wheels


  1. That's quite a buzz-cut on that tree, Jerry. Probably it will turn out to be the best looking tree in the park this summer.

    Missed your posts, Jerry!! Glad you are back.

  2. Years ago when I was very young and very foolish, I spent one winter in Minnesota, and my brothers-in-law convinced me to do the Polar Bar Dip on New Year's Day. We drove to the lake where it was happening, undressed down to our swimming trunks and ran about 75 feet to the water and went in.

    I have never felt such pain in my life! I only got as far as knee deep, and I felt like my legs had been set on fire! Who knew intense cold could BURN! I quickly retreated to the van, dried off and dressed, put the heat on high, and did not thaw out until the 4th of July!

  3. Will you be holding services for your departed Texas Ranger bush:((

  4. Jerry, do you prune Cherry Trees? I have an out-of-control Cherry tree in our backyard that could certainly benefit from your pruning method!! Glad to hear Suzy's shoulder is improving. We're almost within shouting distance of you and Al - we'll have to try and arrange a meet somewhere.

  5. Sounds good,,,,the drink that is!


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