Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Dinner with Friends

Surprise! We’re back after all. We said we might not get a blog out the rest of the year, but with Al and Kelly here for dinner, and Al snapping pictures like mad, I had to get off my duff and get there quick!

First, the reason for the season:IMG_4909

Warning to Mike McFall: FOOD PICTURES COMING!

Christmas breakfast included our time-honored (since before I was born) tortiere, originally a pork pie, but now made with turkey sausage. Because this was my first time making the pie myself, Suzy insisted on getting pictures. Take a peek at the photo album. We used a wine bottle for a rolling pin, and Suzy did the fancy work on the crust.

For dinner, Al and Kelly of the Bayfield Bunch arrived in mid-afternoon with a delicious salad and dressings as well as a hearty appetite. IMG_4916

Once again I was the main cook, and we had a big prime rib roast. 100_4314



No one went away hungry! Notice Suzy grinning behind her arm sling. The recovery from surgery is slow going, but she’s really doing well!

For dessert, Red Velvet Cake!IMG_4922

What a great time we had with Al  …100_4307

… and Kelly …100_4310

… joining us in … Our Life on Wheels!

Oh, please help us welcome our newest “follower,” our 50th. He calls himself Hugh Handyguy! We’re glad you are all here with us, and we hope you had as nice a Christmas as we did!


  1. And a good time was had by all too:)) And yep, I had my eyes closed on that second shot alright....:((

  2. Looks like you had a great time. Like to meet the Bayfields sometime, have been following his blog. We had a a quiet christmas, first one without our loved ones. We did go to Chinese last nite. It was a pretty day here 72degrees.
    We are so glad for Suzys progress.

  3. I would gladly share a bit of turkey for a little of that great looking Prime Rib roast, Jerry - it looked terrific! I'm sure you all had a wonderful afternoon and evening. I'll be looking forward to getting down there and meeting you, Suzy and everyone else. Thanks for the pictures too - Suzy looks terrific, I would never guess she just had surgery a few days ago, even with the sling!

  4. Wow what a great dinner! looks like you had a great time - this is wonderful!

    The pie looks very interesting, never seen such a pie before, and the red velvet cake looks amazing!

  5. Good Show!!! Good pictures!! Good times!! How can it get any better?

    See you in 2010!

  6. How wonderful that the 4 of you could get together to celebrate Christmas. Good friends and good cheer!

    By the way, Suzy is looking real good and seems to be recovering from her surgery in fine fashion. Great!

    Oops! Sorry're looking real good too! LOL

  7. Oh Jerry the prime rib looked delicious and sure hope there is some left when we come by! LOL LOL How great to meet the Bayfield’s and I sure hope we run into them sometime too. Have a fun filled week and travel safe!

    Happy New Year


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