Tuesday, December 29, 2009


As much as I prefer not to write about the weather, I will say this: This morning was nice. It was pleasantly chilly, and everything was fresh from a light overnight rain. There, that’s all I’m going to say about the weather.

A week or so ago I read Al the Stargeezer’s beautiful description of how he and Kelly love the Southwestern United States and especially its mountains. (Click on the highlighted text to read his description.) In a fit of fantasy,  I suggested to Al that they make their home here in the Southwest rather than in Bayfield, Ontario, Canada. Fat chance of succeeding at that, I told myself.

In my suggestion, I offered the Northwest to him for summer travel: Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, even parts of California, further north into British Columbia.They all have wondrous mountains as well as water, trees, and even some desert areas. Then I regaled Al about the wondrous fruits available in the Northwest, knowing that he likes FOOD.

That's when it struck me. If I’m going to write so much about the Northwest, why don’t I put it into Our Life on Wheels? We’ve seen and done a lot in the Northwest, and to get you started, here are some of our favorite mountains. 06 Near Dee OR 35Mount Hood, Oregon16 Mt Rainier 04  Mount Rainier, Washington

You can see more in our web album Western Mountains.

I talked about fruit in the Northwest. We’ve been able to fill our freezer with goodies like ripe peaches, cherries and blueberries from our northern states. We could also mention apples from near Placerville, California.100_2140

Flathead cherries, MontanaSuzy Smile Freestone peaches, WashingtonBoa VIneyards at Apple Hill 3 fixed Apples, near Placerville, California

What about water? Anderson Overlook Netarts Spit 003 The Oregon Coast near Netarts

G Beneath the Bridge of the Gods 5 The Columbia River between Oregon and WashingtonCape Disappointment hike 4-22-05 02

Cape Disappointment on the Washington Coast:

Trees? Redwood Coast 30 The redwood coast in northern California:

06 Near Dee OR 48 Apples trees (maybe pear trees) near Mount Hood:

Who could ever get bored with the northwestern part of our country, especially when you can come home to Southeastern Arizona for the winter?


  1. We love the Pacific Northwest and can't wait to get up there again, this coming summer hopefully. Great pictures on the blog!

  2. Good post Jerry! Love the photos and what can I say about the fruit but yummy!!

  3. Hey Jerry & Suzy, Great post and even greater photos... I agree that the Northwest is one of the most beautiful areas of our country but the whole USA has a ton to offer for the explorer... The fruit looks yummy too!!! We will be in the Northwest next fall and I can hardly wait. Thanks for the info! Have a great day and travel safe!

  4. You picked some beautiful pictures to tempt Al with. Me too - I haven't spent much time in the Northwest, but would certainly love to after seeing your photos. I was telling someone today about Apple Hill in Placerville, CA, and High Hill Ranch and Boa Vista are my favorites!

  5. You've may have found your calling in advertising sales. Wonderful photos of great places. We, too, are fond of the western states as our home base. We've traveled a good deal over the past 40 years, but I still don't think I could really put down roots anywhere except in the west. That fruit looked fantastic, I might add!

  6. Yes, it's true. The whole western North America hemisphere is beautiful. Lived in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley for a few year & have traveled in some northern States such as Washington, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, etc. Great pictures & post Jerry. We RV travelers are truly fortunate people:))

  7. So true, I wish Ray and I were able to travel. We just get to go over night or maybe a week-end now and then. Our animals are our kids and until they are gone we are stuck at home.

  8. I have one comment about weather too, Jerry. We're in Centralia, WA and it's snowing! We haven't had snow all year at home in Victoria! Enough said.

    Thanks for posting those beautiful pics of the Pacific Northwest - some fantastic shots. The only thing that looked better than those peaches was Suzy who was holding them!

    Hopefully, we'll be able to get out of here in the morning - but only if its safe to drive.

  9. Nice pictures....love those fruit pictures! Happy New Year!!

  10. Great pictures and interesting stories. Hope Suzy is doing ok.Happy New Year!


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