Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And to all a good night

First, a postal happening: This morning, while reading blogs, I looked out the window and saw a postal service delivery truck slowly rolling backwards down our street (the downhill direction). Odd. The truck slowed as it came in front of our place, then stopped. I popped out our front door and commented to the driver as he got out with a package, “I saw you backing down the street and hoped you’d stop here!” He replied, “The Postmaster is a little rusty at this delivery routine.”

Only minutes later, I saw the same postal delivery truck heading back down the street (frontwards this time). It slowed just past our place, then backed up again to stop in front. Again I popped out the door, commenting, “You know, it’s OK to stop here without backing up first!” When he handed me a second package he replied, “Don’t tell anybody, OK?” I told him I was going to put this on a blog this morning, and his only comment, with a chuckle, was “My name is Joe!”

There was no time to get pictures, and I don’t think he’d have backed down the road again just so I could take a video. You’ll just have to see it in your imagination!

The first package was some nice tops Suzy had ordered; the second contained wrapped packages from our daughter Deb! 100_4289 Suzy and I  do not exchange specific Christmas gifts, getting each other “gifts” all during the year, and calling them, birthday, Christmas, or anniversary gifts, so this was a nice plus.

Second topic; Suzy is recovering well, spends the nights partly in our bed, partly in her recliner. Took her shower yesterday morning, so we had to remove the dressing over her new incision. No pictures of that, folks, but I tell you, the bruising was most colorful!

Third topic: we are so thankful for all the good wishes and prayers from all of you out there in blog land! That has been very encouraging and helpful. We are also thankful for our family of neighbors here in the SKP Saguaro Co-op Park! Marilyn across the street brought homemade soup and homemade bread for Monday’s lunch, Ken and Debbie next door brought dinner for the four of us Monday evening. Ron came and visited, bringing a dozen peace roses for Suzy. Our daughters got together and sent a get well bouquet to the hospital, and I had bought a dozen red roses as well. Along with the Christmas decorations, this place is looking grand!

IMG_4896IMG_4890 Fourth topic: welcome, Motty, our 49th follower. We’re glad you are with us.

This may be our last blog post of the year (I’m keeping pretty busy with just getting through each day), so we want to wish each of you a wonderful Christmas, with family or friends or by yourselves, at home, on the road, or visiting. May 2010 bring blessings of enough, but not to excess! Thanks for staying with us on … Our Life on Wheels!


  1. Christmas is arriving very fast... so, let me wish all of you a Merry Christmas.
    Excuse me for my bad English,
    My best regards,

  2. We wish you and Suzy the best of holidays and a Happy New Year, too. So glad to read that Suzy is doing so well in her recovery. Enjoy the beautiful flowers and your Christmas decorations.

  3. Do you suppose you could arrange for a little snow on the ground please before us Canadians get there on Friday...:))

  4. So glad Suzy is doing well. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

  5. I'm Italian, I'm European and I'm never been in U.S.A.
    I know, I see it also in my nation, that there are many differences among different countries inside the same nation.
    My city, Turin, is very different from Rome, also people are different, very different, they (we) have different way of being.
    I'm sure that the same is also in U.S.A.
    Anyway, by american film, we know about a certain american way of being.
    And when I read these words in your blog "- no house, no jobs, no lawn to mow, and like rolling stones, we gather no moss" I thought about that way of being.
    I think to that film (cinema) where you can see for miles and miles only a road through desert or grassland and an house only after many and many miles.
    Your blog, remember me that way of life.
    I can't think to something which is more american!
    Only you have a such kind of places, so boundless.

    So, still again, Merry Christmas and many wishes for an happy new year!

  6. Thank you for the holiday wishes! So happy that Susie is mending and all is well with her. Saw in the news about that mess on highway 10 near Casa Grande, why do people drive in that weather?????
    Anywhoooooo...glad you weren't in it!
    Joy and Phil

  7. I sure like Flowers better than FOOD!!! Glad Suzy is progressing well,,,,Merry Christmas to you,,,from the Sun on the Beach!!


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