Saturday, September 19, 2009


Boy, that’s what I’ve begun to wonder too! Seems like ages since we posted on this blog.

This week we spent three days at the Cactus Country RV Park on the eastern edge of Tucson. Rosie (our motorhome) hadn’t been on the road for a few months, and we have a two-week plus trip coming up. We wanted to be sure the old gal was in good shape, whether all her systems still work, and so on. (Suzy wants me to be sure to point out that the “old gal” we were checking out was the motorhome!)

Besides that, when we moved into the house (our park trailer) we scavenged a lot of stuff out of the motorhome for immediate use: dishes, our clothing, tools, computers, you name it. As we thought about it, we replaced some of the stuff, but we had to be sure we had everything necessary.

Turns out everything worked just right, and we found a couple of things we had to buy, The only problem we found was that our 50-amp power cord female end was badly charred! There’s been a problem somewhere, and I haven’t located it yet.

The male end has a little damage, but it’s still quite usable.

What about this Cactus Country RV Park? For our money (and it was half-price plus a surcharge for electricity), we’ll stay there again if we need to go to Tucson. Our site wasn’t too large, but the season hasn’t started yet, and we had plenty of empty spaces around us.

We were on the outer edge of the park, with open desert beyond us.

As the late afternoon sun descended, the mountains beyond displayed wonderful shadows!

What’s next for the LeRoys? If you are Escapees, you may have seen the article we wrote for the magazine. We wrote it months ago, and were surprised when friends told us it was in the September-October issue (pages 93-94). We were even more surprised a couple of weeks later when a nice check arrived in the mail!

Emboldened by this turn of affairs, we are contemplating a second article, time featuring Made in the USA (and Canada) products that are of particular use to RVers. Friend Mike McFall has already pointed out his PressurePro Tire Monitoring system is made in the USA,Check out Mike's Blog if you want to meet a real old-time cowboy.

Of course, Rosie, our Itasca motorhome was made here, as are most of the RVs we see on the road. Mac ‘the Fire Guy” McCoy sells US-made fire fighting equipment. Kleenex tissue is made here, so is Jack Daniels for those who like that sort of stuff. Our favorite is made in Canada.

If you would, take a look at some of the RVing equipment you use.If it says Made in the USA or Canada on it, leave a comment or send us an email telling us about it, so we can include it in our story.

Finally, for Rick and Al, this post was done in Live Writer. I like it, I like it!

And that’s all for this episode of … Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Well, it's about time!! Just kidding! Nice to see you back in blogland, Jerry. Looks like a nice park you are staying at - great pictures!! That plug looks a little nasty though, I wonder what caused that?

    Looks like Live Writer is continuing to pick up converts!!

  2. Sure missed your postings! So glad to see a new one today when I gave my list a look-see. Loved that beautiful Arizona sky in your photos. Wow! Have a safe trip.

  3. Glad to see you got out on the road again, and that the "old gal" is still in fine shape.

    I've often wondered how it is for folks who have a home that doesn't move, plus one that does. Do you buy a second set of pots and pans, dishes, etc. so you don't have to move everything? What about clothing and personal items? Surely some things will go bad if you leave them in the motorhome too long, so you must have to either move them or buy new ones. But you must have that all figured out.

  4. Sharon, sure wish we DID have it all figured out! We are leaving some clothes in Rosie, but coming back from this short trip, we have to add them to our regular laundry load, then decide how much to put back. That's today's challenge!

  5. Welcome back...nice to hear from you again! I have to admit I'm very concerned about your charred plug. Can you have an electrician check Rosie out? Luck usually has an expiration date.

    That said, it must have been wonderful getting out on the road!

  6. Hey, thanks for the plug!!!

    Lucky that plug didn't start a fire..

    Lookin good on Live Writer..

    Thought I'd try a plug for our "other: web site....:-)


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