Monday, September 21, 2009


I can hear our daughters saying that when they read this blog post. After years of religiously avoiding anything to do with barbecue grilling, I am becoming a CHEF!

We brought home a neat grill a couple of weeks ago (on clearance at Lowe’s) and since then we’ve bought books and tools, and next we have to buy a storage cabinet for all the books and tools.New barbecue 9-5-2009 6-24-16 PM

Right away we started digging up recipes and ideas, although the first thing we grilled were brats and chicken breasts without any fancy stuff.

But Saturday dinner was grilled tilapia with an orange-walnut sauce. Suzy made baked potatoes and coleslaw. What a feast

Old Man at the Grill 9-19-2009 7-49-09 PM

Ready to serve 9-19-2009 7-49-31 PM

That’s the orange-walnut sauce in the skillet.

Sunday evening we went even further, marinating a 3-lb pork roast all day, then putting it on a spit for nearly two hours. It was delicious served with a blackberry sauce, and Suzy is threatening to make me the chef every night!

Also this weekend, we did some gardening. For our open house, I had built a planter box and filled it with three potted Mock Orange bushes and four potted geraniums. Because the pots were small, I had to put concrete blocks in the bottom of the box, then filled around the pots with decorative bark. Now it was time to really do some planting. We emptied the planting box, then refilled it with top soil and planting mix, and bought another planter for out front. Suzy took charge of that planting.

Suzy and Geraniums 9-20-2009 2-36-49 PM 9-20-2009 2-36-49 PM

First the geraniums, then the mock oranges.

Suzy and Mock Orange 9-20-2009 3-26-15 PM

Then I took over, planting a Gopher Spurge we bought a couple of weeks ago. It’s now part of our cactus and desert plant garden.

Jerry and the Spurge 9-20-2009 3-14-35 PM

Now the final part of the post ---

Have you seen me 9-21-2009 10-57-59 AM

Have you seen this glass or its twin? Saturday evening we had six of them. Sunday evening we used two, then one got broken and we pulled out another one. After washing dishes and putting everything away, there were only three! I looked EVERYWHERE, high, low, in all the cabinets, out in the casita, on the patio. No glasses! Kokopelli must be at it again. Do we have to go to Wal-Mart and buy six more, only then to find the lost ones so we’d end up with eleven?

Wait, Suzy just suggested “Look in the oven.” Say what? “Look in the oven.” I did, and sure enough, there they were, all clean and sparkly. When I wash and Suzy dries, she sits at the counter to work. Since she can’t reach the cabinets from the sitting position, she opens the oven and sets dishes there until she finishes and can put them away properly.

From now on, when anything seems lost, I know where to look first!

And that’s this issue of … Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Let us know when to come for dinner! :-)

    Suzanne & Brad

  2. The only barbeque thing that looks better than your new barbeque itself is that delicious looking orange-walnut sauce! I'll bet that was good!

    Nice job on the plants, Suzy! You too, of course, Jerry.

    I might look in the fridge for lost glasses, but never in a hundred years would I ever think to look in the oven! LOL.

  3. Beautiful new grill! Delicious food! Great job on the pictures! Wonderful gardening projects and then to top it all off, a mystery??? Well done ... a great blog! Oh yes, congrats on the article being published!

    PS: When you read my text and when you leave a comment is appreciated whenever you do it! Thank you so much!

  4. I was beginning to figure for sure you were gonna have to dig up that Mock Orange just to find your glass under it. But, I guess that's what you in the oven:))

  5. Congratulations on becoming an accomplished grill chef, Jerry! We look forward to seeing it and your beautiful, expanding garden.

    We'll probably be getting to Benson in early November, so hopefully Suzy and I can celebrate our birthdays together again.

  6. That was an awesome menu with the tilapia. You made it look so easy with that super-duper new grill. Also, you have proven that small spaces cannot deter the serious gardner! Wonderful. Enjoy the grilling experiences.


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