Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Look Out, New Mexico, Here We Come!

For three nights we were the only campers at the Willcox Elks RV Park. Now we are in the Pancho Villa State Park at Columbus, New Mexico, and we are the only campers in the entire park, except for Campground Hosts in two areas. Why? Well, this is Monsoon season in the desert southwest, which means hot and humid days, and evening and night powerful thunderstorms much of the time. No matter, we enjoy being by ourselves, and we are having a fine time.

Why is this park called "Pancho Villa?" We'll talk about that in the next post.

As we drove into the park, we were greeted by nearly thirty quail, a jack rabbit, a desert bunny, and this roadrunner. All pictures were taken with our phones, and the bird was some distance away, but you can get the idea.
Our first expedition from here was to cross the border into the town of Palomas, Mexico. Why? The PINK STORE, of course.

Once into the door of the Pink Store, one is offered a free margarita, which we both accepted graciously. We each managed to get another as we shopped the various display areas.

The store was featuring figurines related to El Dia del Muertes, or the Day of the Dead. The skeletal figures are both ghastly and humorous and come in all sizes.

While at the Pink Store we had a splendid lunch of Chile Rellenos, bringing home enough for a leftover lunch. The next day, however, we were directed to what was described as a "grocery store with a small restaurant attached" here in town. Turns out it was the other way around, and the entire building was hardly large enough for either a grocery or a restaurant.

Proprietor Manuela Flores and helper

Suzy had a nice conversation with Manuela
Manuela Flores has run this little restaurant for 22 years, and she puts out a large delicious meal. We both had Enchiladas Verdes, with again enough for another day's meal.

One of the local museums is in a retired railroad depot, and contains all kinds of local stuff.

Some of this is ancient Mimbres era pottery and beads.

This kitchen cabinet has a built-in flour sifter. Ladies in those days did a lot of baking.

The sign with this railroad toilet advises one to flush after every use,
unless the train is standing still at the station!

And of course, the day ended with a splendid sunset. We must have taken over fifty pictures.

We'll tell you about the history of this area next time we visit you along ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Nice to see you helped out my Elks Lodge in Wilcox by staying in the campground. Did you manage to go in to the Lodge and have a nice cold margarita or beer?

    We camped at Pancho Villa SP a number of years ago when our passports were out of date. Didn't make it to the Pink Store but have heard a lot about it. Nice writeup.

    Good to see you two are on the road again doing what you love. Have fun.

    1. That's my Elks Lodge too! We had a few CCs and water, then a very expensive not-very-good steak dinner.

  2. We did that trip about 4 years ago..LOVED the Pink Store..Had a great lunch there with strolling Mariachis too. Did you see the statue of Pancho Villa on his horse with guns blazin?? We stayed at the same park and toured Columbus too...Actually, we had carry outs from that same grocerie/restaurant!!!! If you go again, do it during "Panco Villa Days" is toward the end of March..amazing!!

  3. We love the town of Columbus. Did they get all the water lines repaired? Half of the park didn't have water last year.

  4. One of these times we're going to make it to the Pink Store just so we can say we've been there. Have fun and stay safe.

  5. Glad you're enjoying the RV life more these days. Love the Pink Store and the free Margaritas! And their art pieces, dishes, glassware, quirky stuff - all of it is unmatched unless you search in bigger Mexican cities. Great food, too.

  6. We had so much fun in that area. There were only two other RVs in the park when we were there.

    We ate at Manuela Flores also. Had a very very good meal. Glad you are enjoying the ride.

  7. I think the Pink Store will go down as one of my favorite South-West memory places. It was the 06/07 winter season when we paid a couple visits to Columbus then back & forth to Palamas for some dental work, glasses, & of course a number of enjoyable Pink Store visits. What a great place for photos with all those shapes & colors. Maybe one of these times we'll swing by that way again just to stir up some pleasant old memories. And how lucky you are to be the only ones in Pancho Villa S.P. Now that's my kind of an RV Park. Party on Dudes:))


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