Thursday, August 8, 2013

Pahrump, Nevada

Well, we got this far for a four-night stay, to get prescriptions refilled and to get our mail forwarded. This is only our second visit to Pahrump, and we are having a fine time at the Wine Ridge RV Resort and Pahrump Valley Winery.

This used to be the Charleston Peak Winery, and the RV Park was the Charleston Peak RV Resort. New common ownership has taken the RV park out of the Western Horizons group and consequently out of the AOR system. However, the resort continues to offer AOR members like us a $12 per night rate. August is their slowest month due to the heat, but a few of us hardy souls are here for a while.

The winery includes the Symphony Restaurant which bills itself quite honestly as the finest restaurant in the Pahrump Valley. We have no reason to doubt their claim after a fine dinner yesterday. Pricey, yes, but worth the price.

The park recently spent a bucketful of money on a total revamp, including adding a second swimming pool and spa, a  community fire ring, some new RV sites facing Mt. Charleston, and general upgrades to the clubhouse.

After our tour of the the wine tasting room and seeing their awards we walked out through the vineyard itself.

As it happens they were harvesting zinfandel grapes for today's press.

If we had gone back into the winery in about half an hour, we'd have seen the harvest coming in to be processed. However, we had another priority.

We had a glass of wine while watching the sun set on Mount Charleston.

A fine end to a day in ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. What a lovely lady you had dinner with!!! That looks like a nice place to stay...I would think the weather in Pahrump would be too extreme for grapes. Surprised me. Nice view for sunset watching.

  2. Have never been there, but your photos make it look pretty good, Jerry. Love the one of Suzy in the restaurant, and the one of you both in the hot tub. Keep your priorities straight, and you will continue to enjoy your good life on wheels.

  3. Don't enjoy yourself too much (grin).

  4. We visited that same winery, but not to eat...hehe

    I love that top on Suzy! Beautiful.

    What a neat experience to see them harvesting and pruning.

    What a neat way to end the day...beautiful sunset, gorgeous scenery and a glass of vino. Doesn't get much better than that.

  5. I like your priorities, too! You're both looking great and especially Suzy in that lovely restaurant.

  6. Those Zinfandel grapes looked perfect! Suzy's looking great and so was her dinner!! Chicken Marsala??

  7. I just had to go to Pahrump after hearing so much about it. So, when in Las Vegas with my daughter, we took a ride--we weren't staying. I was amazed at how much I assumed was new growth since I had first started hearing about it in the 90s. Think I remember a place called Terribles? So many people had good things to say about that. I knew of a guy on usenet who lived there when all the streets were dirt, and not much else was around. He complained of the heat and the dust storms. Looked pretty good to me in 2010.

    1. Terrible's Gold Town and Lakeside Casinos were sold to the Nugget, also in Pahrump, about a year ago.

  8. I am sooo jealous!...Not jut of your stay at the winery, but also of Suzy's gorgeous hair color....Beautiful!

  9. You are really in a nice spot! Great photo of the two of you in the pool. Nice looking couple! :)

  10. Hey, who's that good looking movie star behind those sunglasses in the pool with ya..........:))

  11. It looks really nice there, you both look fit and happy in that pool/hot tub....

  12. Wow, what a flashback. This was our home park when we joined Western Horizons. I was a great park, but joining WH was a huge mistake. A really badly managed operation and glad we were out at five years.

    Glad to see this park is still doing well.

  13. Your photos are great and both of you look fantastic. We enjoyed (what was then) Charleston Peak and their wine/restaurant as well. Glad they're keeping things up! Safe travels, as always! :-)

  14. Looks like a nice park and the food looked good.


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