Saturday, August 3, 2013

Are We Heading Home ... Or What?

Back in July we told you that we had to reverse our course, drop our plans, and head home because of  what was happening to Suzy as a result of a fall in April. We wanted to get back to Benson, AZ, to get some consistent treatment for her neck injury. We had one stop we had already paid for (near Crater Lake) and it was on the way home anyway, so we visited Crater Lake. (We had to have a solid place set up for the July 4 holiday).

Right about that time, Grandson Jason (who lives in Post Falls, ID, and whom we very seldom get to see) decided that he and his wife Crystal would celebrate his 30th birthday in Reno, Nevada, on August 1. The whole family would be there, and we are part of the family -- and we wanted to be there too -- so we slowed down. That is, we S~L~O~W~E~D~~~D~O~W~N to be there.

Often we felt we were just killing time. Time is the one thing you can kill or waste and NEVER get back. So we didn't really waste it. We sauntered around at Crater Lake:
The Phantom Ship
at Collier State Park:

at Lakeview, Oregon:

and finally at Carson City and Reno.

Do you know what it feels like to be sitting and waiting, when you've got something important to do? It HURTS! And that's why we tried to fill our time with something else.

At Reno, we had a great family get-together for Jason's birthday. Our part was mostly attending the birthday dinner at Brew Brothers in the El Dorado Hotel and Casino, but Suzy got to sit right next to Jason during dinner.
Suzy, Jason, Crystal
One of our presents to Jason was a western shirt honoring Jack Daniels --- long story!
Jason and Crystal
Jason's cousin Renee. her husband Adam, and Jason's Mom Deb
We had a just because gift for Deb --
A picture of her dog Beau, whom Suzy calls Roadblock for his habit of lying down in narrow passageways.
So, where are we now? Spending a couple of nights in Hawthorne, Nevada. We don't do much with day after day driving, so we're here for two nights. Next stop will be Beatty, NV, for just one night, then Pahrump, NV. If we get to it, we'll write about Pahrump next week. So we are wending our way home ... our way ... in this episode of ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Wow! Suzie looks so good!!! I find it strange to not need to hurry to be someplace at a certain time.

  2. Looks like you had a great time while marking time:)

  3. Peg and I can sympathize with the pain of waiting. We finally got our house sold after 18 months and so many of those days were like agony. No fun at all.

    Family so important -- it's really all you have and respecting that bond is important.

    Looks like you were having fun in spite of it all. Good on you.

    A retired Photographer looks at life
    Life Unscripted

  4. Glad you got to spend time with family. Time spent that way is never ever wasted.

  5. Is Suzy holding up pretty well? She sure looks great! What a different trip you have had than you first planned, but you've had a lot of good times along the way!

  6. Beautiful photo of you two in front of the Lake. Looks so gorgeous there. I can't believe I still see some snow. I guess that isn't unusual for that lake.

    Anther wonderful way to kill time....with family!!! Priceless.

  7. Nice that you were able to share your grandson's birthday. And it seems that you were able to fill the time with interesting side trips. Crater Lake is certainly beautiful, and you are both looking great!

  8. Slow and steady wins the race. :)

  9. Friend Mary Russell emailed:

    Nothing hurried, everything gained!

  10. Looks like a fun birthday evening, and a good memory maker for everyone.

    My parents were married at the courthouse in Hawthorne, Nevada 70 years ago. They are still married, too, so it must be a good place. Have fun on your travels homeward. :)

  11. Catching up on your blog...Suzy you look awesome! Words fail me girlfriend...Awesome! don't look so bad yourself...Suzy, hope you get some relief soon for your neck and Jerry, take care of yourself and that heart of yours.
    We want to meet you when we get out on the road. You two are an inspiring couple.

  12. How about an update? Are you both OK?


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