Thursday, July 4, 2013

So What Do We Know About Plans?

Well, we know:

                Life is what happens while you are making other plans.
                RVers’ plans are carved in Jell-O.
                If you want to hear God laugh, make your own plans.

So what does that say about us? 

We had planned a spring and summer trip from mid-April into mid-October, six months of fun. The first big event was a series of things in Carson City area in May: meet our newly-born great grandson; grandson Sam’s 18th birthday; Mothers’ Day; my 75th birthday; Sam’s graduation from high school. All pretty important events. Oh, yeah, we had also scheduled a hot air balloon ride in Phoenix in April and a visit to my brother in Prescott, AZ.

The day before we were to leave, Suzy learned the hard way that she had Atrial Fibrillation (A-Fib). Her heart started racing and didn't stop; eventually she passed out and fell to the floor, cracking her head on wall and furniture. EMT visit, ambulance to the ER, CAT Scan on the back of her head where the goose egg was standing out. No trauma to the head, thank God. Too bad they didn't X-Ray her neck.

We rested up two weeks before leaving, thereby missing the hot air balloon ride and the visit to my brother. By the time we arrived in Carson City, Sam had already had his birthday. And by this time, Suzy’s neck was beginning to bother her.

But we met Great Grandson Mason shortly after arriving at our RV park,

we enjoyed Mothers’ Day,

got to watch older Great Grandson Darren get his orange belt in Karate for Kids,

had son-in-law Shawn's specialty, a delicious prime rib roast for my birthday,

and rejoiced with Sam and his Mom and Dad on his graduation.

We headed into Oregon for a projected four month roundabout. We had a beautiful site at Jumpoff Joe Waterfall RV Resort near Grants Pass;

a visit with one of Suzy’s old workmates from Transamerica days;

nearly three weeks at the most beautiful RV park we have ever seen, Casey’s Riverside RV Resort, right on the banks of the Middle Fork of the Willamette River.

During that time we met up with Russ and Donna, who had recommended the park to us,

and Loree of Luci and Loree.

But all this time, Suzy’s neck was getting more and more painful, to the point that she was in tears many evenings. A visit to an Urgent Care Center in Eugene brought us a diagnosis of an avulsion fracture of a cervical vertebra. Painful. Physical therapy was prescribed, and we managed three visits with a therapist. The therapy helped a lot, but was over because our PLANS called for us to move on. We knew we could not get consistent, continuous care moving around the state, and made the sad decision to scuttle the rest of our trip and go home.

The one thing we could not cancel was this week just south of Crater Lake National Park. Money had been paid, and it was actually on the way home anyway. What a beautiful little park it is!

We’ll enjoy our five days here, with visits to Crater Lake and some other attractions nearby, then head south again, into some areas new to us, into Carson City again, and then the weary road from Carson City back home.

We’ll see you now and again along this less than happy section of … Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Sure hope Suzy gets consistent help when you arrive home. A frustrating time for you both, I'm sure.

  2. We are so sorry you had to cancel so many of your plans but we hope Suzy gets some help for her neck. It's no fun to be in such pain. We are sure glad you made it up our way though and we enjoyed the visits. Maybe we'll meet up with you in AZ. or NV. one of these days.

  3. That RV park really looks nice! I sure don't remember one like that down there, but it's been quite awhile since I was over that way. Hope Suzy gets her neck problem solved. That's no fun. Sure was good eating my tofu with your gazpacho, thanks! Hope you have a safe trip, and stay cool. It was a beautiful day here for the 4th. Best day we've had for several days...nice and cool last night, too.

  4. I am so sorry to read about Suzy's neck problems. I can totally understand why you're heading back home again. It's hard to enjoy doing things when you're in pain or the one you love is in pain. Hopefully we'll get to see you guys when we get back to AZ.

  5. So glad I took the time to come over to meet you guys and did not wait for you to get over to 'this side of the mountains' or I would have missed out on meeting wonderful people!!! Hope things go well for you both and Suzi gets the treatment that she needs and is better soon!!!!

  6. We stayed there last year. It was very peaceful, but we had almost no cell service, thus no internet. Oh well, we had Crater Lake. That was the best! Hope Suzy gets good treatment. Neck pain is almost as bad as back pain. No one really understands.

  7. We hope that you both get to enjoy that lovely area of Crater Lake.

    Suzy, you are in our prayers for comfort. Praying that when you get back home the doctors can get you back to pain-free living.

  8. Just get Suzy on the mend...that is most important...

  9. So sorry to hear about Suzy's neck problem. That must be painful and frustrating. Hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and get her some good help when you get home. HUGS to you both!

  10. Omigoodness, you are so close! I am just now catching up on blogs because we have been so busy...glad you met up with Russ and Donna and Loree. Sorry we couldn't get in on the fun as well, but things here are just a bit overloaded. Still, wanted to welcome you to the Wood River Valley (we are on the other end) and to wish Suzy well in her recovery. How long are you going to be there again? five days? through the 10th?

  11. We sure hope Suzy's neck feels a lot better soon. Look like you had a great trip while it lasted:)

  12. I know first hand what Suzy is experiencing. I had cervical neck surgery in the '80s after sixteen years of pain. Along came the MRI, and finally they could diagnose the problem. The good news is that it was easy surgery compared to other surgeries I've had, and I felt immediate relief. When your neck hurts, everything hurts. Hope Suzy gets well quickly and you're back on the road, again, very soon.

  13. Seems I have not been keeping up with folks very well lately. You certainly have traveled some miles & I can feel the disappointment of having to cut your travels short & head for home. And you certainly have had some bad medical luck, close calls, & stressfull concerns. All the best to you both & am hoping Suzy's neck problems will soon be cleared up..............

  14. Jerry, you and Suzy have had some wonderful adventures and experiences on this trip so, on the positive side, it's been pretty good and you've hit some beautiful RV parks.

    Health has to be the #1 priority for each of us so I'm glad you are making the wise decision to head home and get Suzy's neck fixed up. After that? Who knows - the road is wide open!

  15. Wow, if you guys didn't have bad luck with your health, you wouldn't have any luck at all. We were sorry to hear about Suzy's neck problem, but hopefully it can be fixed and you can take a Fall trip somewhere.

    Take care of yourselves and we hope to see you guys in the late Fall out there in the Southwest.

  16. So very sorry you've had to change your plans. Really hope Suzy's neck heals up rapidly. Maybe there will be time for another roadtrip in a few months, I hope?



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