Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Russ and Donna are Nice Folks

Although we've been talking with Russ and Donna (of Travels in Therapy) on the phone and by email ever since we got to the area, Saturday was the first time we actually met up with them. They had offered to show us around Eugene, and we had taken an interest in seeing the Saturday Market. As it turns out, they had never been there themselves, so we four all had a learning morning.
We had expected largely a farmers' market with some artisans and craft people displaying their wares. As it turns out, the farmers market part takes up about 1/3 of a city block, and the rest has spread out over several blocks!

Here are some of the delightful (and sometimes a little less delightful) offerings.
Tie-dye inspired candles.

Many different types of pottery and ceramics.

This frog (?) had a bear's head on its reverse side.
Fab ric tie-dye.

Dozens of jewelry booths.
While Suzy did her shopping, Donna and Russ watched in wonder and took a bunch of pictures.

After a while we wandered over to the Farmers Market. We passed up the healthful looking vegetables...

... but we did buy a tray of berries, two boxes each of raspberries, blueberries and silvan berries. (Silvan berries are a cross between Marionberries and Blackberries. Marionberries themselves a cross between Blackberries and something else.) What a delight these berries have been this past couple of days! We even put some of each in a Jell-0.

And some White Elm mushrooms, a new variety for us. Half of them went into an omelet this morning, along with Herbs du Provence and two varieties of cheese.

There were flower vendors ...
... and street musicians...

... but the crowning glory was a chance to sample some delightful pastry!

To counteract those calories, Donna and Russ drove us to a park by the McKenzie River where we took a brisk walk.

Well, maybe brisk is too optimistic a word, but we enjoyed the walk among berry vines, hardwood trees, and quiet scenery.

Then it was time for lunch at Roaring Rapids Pizza, on the bank of the Willamette River. 

Beyond the patio, his fellow was out fly-fishing...

... and inside the pizza restaurant, this one was the entertainment!
And this was only part of the day we spent with our new friends. We'll see them again and again, either here or elsewhere as we live ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Gotta admit, visiting the Eugene Saturday Market was an interesting first for us. Now we'll have to go back (and at least find that bakery booth!!)

  2. ...but it was just a LITTLE pastry!! We had a great time Saturday and glad that you did too.

  3. you are so right, Russ and Donna are indeed nice people!!

  4. I sure hope they don't wear themselves out with all that brisk walking before we get there. I'm still hoping it works out for us anyhow. And neither Jim nor I walk briskly. I want to go to that bakery booth also. Sure some strange crafty things.

  5. OK you two......We just added the Saturday Market there to our bucket list. And we are inviting you to be our tour guide :)

  6. We think the world of Russ and Donna. Yum, those berries look delicious! I'm always just a little disappointed if I don't see some unusual items at a Saturday Market. Looks like you hit the jackpot!

  7. Fascinating Market but I'm disappointed Suzy doesn't have a feather in her hat.

    You folk are having far too much fun and I wish I was there too.


  8. What a great day!..mushrooms and berries..SCORE!!!! nothing beats meeting friends you have never met..

  9. What an interesting market! It's unlike any I've ever been to. Obviously, we need to revisit Eugene. Glad you two are having so much fun out there.

  10. We enjoyed our visit with Russ and Donna also. We ate at the same pizza place. Love the view.

    Paul and I got to enjoy the Farmer's Maket. We got our fix of "Flash back to the 60's" that day...lol

  11. For sure Donna and Russ are great people…and I've never met them in real person nor have I spokent to them. Their kindness shows through their posts and their comments.

  12. Russ and Donna are great hosts and have been kind enough to tour many RVers around their home area of Eugene. Roaring Rapids Pizza brought back some great memories as Russ and Donna took us for lunch there a few years back on our way south.

  13. What a great looking market and day. So nice to meet fellow bloggers!


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