Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Let's Try That Road

AAA's Oregon Highway map wasn't very encouraging. The Oregon Road and Recreation Atlas wasn't much better. But that issthe way we plan to go when we move again. So we decided to take a car trip and check it out, to see if it is a satisfactory route for Rosie, our motorhome. It is.

Most of that route is on the Sprague River Road, between the little town of Chiloquin and US 140. So the Sprague River Road was what we wanted to try out. Turns out the road was fine, although our GPS (on truck setting) kept beeping warnings of "sharp curve ahead." We followed, briefly, the Williamson River and then the Sprague River. Here are some of the sights we saw:

Along the Sprague River:

Basalt wall across the road.

More basalt. So much of Oregon is volcanic in origin.
Fence decoration:

Our old summer home:

Fly fishing in the Williamson River:

And of course, we needed gas, and found the Kla-Mo-Yah Casino and its Crater Lake Junction Travel Center, the best, the cheapest (and the only) gas station for miles around. The casino is operated by the Klamath, Modoc and Yahooskin (I kid you not) tribes, to very bad reviews on the Internet. But the gas price, needless to say, is the best in the neighborhood.

And that was this day in ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Great new header photo! Thanks for sharing great photos of my old fishing spots. Never could catch much, but those rivers were sure fun to fish. Never have been to that casino, so that's something we'll have to check out sometime when we're down that way. Glad you're enjoying your trip toward home. Miss you guys!

  2. Love your fence decor. We often take a truck ride to check out a road before taking the rig with us. Makes me worry less. I loved the fish/stream sculpture.

  3. Friend Mary Russell emailed: Fish and farm fence sculptures - fenomenol!!

  4. We've been known to check out at least a small portion of the roads we intend to travel on with our motorhome. Better safe than sorry, and it's easier to take photographs when you are traveling in the car!

  5. Nice fence pics, Jerry, and the river ones too.

    We noticed all that volcanic rock when we drove through Oregon on our way to Nevada one year. Sure is a lot of it like you say.

  6. I drove the Sprague nearly every day and mapped that entire drainage in the years from 2002 to 2006. There is a ton of history in that area of the Sprague River and the Williamson River, and the water conflicts in the Klamath Basin are especially intense here. Something to look into if you are interested in water wars in the west.

  7. Your old summer home could use a bit of fixing up. Maybe invite all your friends to come help? Ha! Beautiful pics.


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