Friday, July 12, 2013

Darren's Orange Belt

One of the topics we wanted to write about in Carson City got outbid by so many other activities. Our great grandson Darren, still not even four years old, is a "Karate Kid," and we got to witness one of his training classes plus another evening of testing and awards.

The training facility is called Karate for Kids, and Darren is in the "Tiger" group, the beginners. Ordinarily they don't start kids until they are four or older, but the trainer was impressed with Darren's  development and accepted him half a year early.

One of the things they stress is general discipline. As we arrived early for class, Darren immediately removed and put away his shoes, then went to the waiting place and sat quietly
by himself for several minutes.

Darren's little brother Mason isn't ignored: the main instructor insists on being able to hold Mason whenever Darren has a class!

Suzy gets her chance at Mason too!

Darren knows all the moves.

He even knows his yells! "No! Get away from me! I don't want to fight! Help!" (At least that's what we remember.)

 At the training class, Darren was awarded a star for achievement.

 Darren passed his test and was awarded the coveted orange belt, which his Mom tied on for him

All that was left was the pizza dinner to celebrate.

Left to right above: Mason, Papa Shawn, Dad Adam, Mom Renee and Grandma Kathie. GeeGee Suzy and Auntie Deb were at another activity this evening, and I was behind the camera for this proud event in ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. WOW...that is amazing. Please pass along our congratulations to Darren. That is so cool that the parents are teaching self defense. Sadly, in our world today we all need to know this.

  2. Both of our sons were active in Korean karate (Soo Bahk Do), and our younger son made it to the 3-stripe black belt level when he was 15. The discipline they learned was invaluable. I don't recall that they stood on their heads, though. ;)

  3. Great pictures! One of our granddaughters was in karate for a number of years and the discipline really helped her. Darren looks great in his orange belt.

  4. I think the best part of learning any of the martial arts is the discipline it requires.

  5. Wonderful pics and story. Your grandson is certainly talented, and you have a right to be proud.


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