Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Last Grandchild Out!

May 31 this year was a high point: our youngest grandson, Sam Taylor, graduated from Douglas High School in Minden, Nevada! This event was one of the reasons we traveled to the Carson City area this year. Another was Sam’s 18th birthday, another was Mothers Day. OK. Yeah, I had a birthday in May also.

But the graduation was the big affair. Over 300 seniors graduated. Sam had arranged for reserved seating for the family, but we arrived way early anyway so we could sit together in the hot sun.

Our seats were a ways back, and I didn't get many good photos, but that didn't deter Sam’s Dad, Shawn. He was right up there!

I did get this fuzzy picture of Sam on the stage receiving his diploma.

When all the speeches were spoken, when all the diplomas were handed out, and the mortar boards went flying ...

... then it was time to congratulate the graduates. It took us (the family) about 20 minutes to find Sam out in the "quad" --- 300+ graduates with anywhere from one to twenty or more family and friends milling about, everyone searching for someone, and the grads themselves forming and re-forming their own groups of friends to share the excitement. But find Sam we did.
Sam and his diploma
Sam with Angie, a friend from childhood.
Mom (Kathie), Sam and Dad (Shawn)
Sam and his best bud for many years, Cameron
While the day was exciting and wonderful, the best part came the next day with the family and friends celebration at their home. Kathie and Deb put together a great table load of food -- Kathie had been baking all week.

Sam's sister Renee got in on the details too!
Suzy helped set up the feast.

But before the table was set, Suzy was the balloon lady.

Cameron and I worked on outside decorations.

Shawn taught the early arrivals how to play Boccie Ball.

Suzy got the very best from the day:
A big hug from Grandson Sam, and ...
... some time holding Mason, the newest member of the clan.

I didn't do too badly in that area myself!
And that was a delightful episode in ... Our Life on Wheels!


  1. Sounds like fun. I am glad that you were both able to take part in the celebrations, Jerry and Suzy!

  2. Two just starting significant phases of their lives; one as a babe and one as an adult. They really do grow up so fast. Glad you got to be there.

  3. Our grandchildren are all adults now, but your blog brought back some very happy memories. Congratulations to you all! I especially loved seeing you both with your newest member. Sure makes a person realize how wonderful life is... and that it does go on.... best wishes!

  4. Great to be able to share the day with him and with us.

  5. Lovely family photos and doesn't Suzy looks great and Jerry, I can see you've had lots of practice holding babies.


  6. I cannot blow up a balloon - I just pass out. lol But I sure do love looking at all those babies - even the grown up ones.

  7. Congrats to Sam on his High School Graduation. He sure had a great party to celebrate and plenty of good food too!

    Jerry, I can tell you it's a delight to hold grandson's named Mason!

  8. What a wonderful celebration for Sam! I love those family get togethers where there are all ages having fun. Suzy looks terrific..(so do you)!


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