Friday, June 21, 2013

Casey's Not at the Bat, He's at the River!

Casey's Riverside RV Park in Westfir, Oregon, has to be the most beautiful park we have ever planted ourselves in! Fifty-six full hookup sites, more than half of them (including ours) facing right onto the Willamette River. This is our site ...

And this is the view from our site!

What you see there is the North Fork of the Middle Fork of the Willamette River merging into the Middle Fork of the Willamette. The river junction makes lovely music that we rejoice in.

Every site has a lawn, most have flower planters or flowering shrubs lovingly cared for by the owners of the park. There is a club house with large screen TV and a pool table, a swimming pool, AND ... tada! ... a pavilion for gatherings. In that pavilion is a soft-serve ice cream machine! You can serve yourself a small bowl or cone of vanilla ice cream, and then put $1 in the honor system coffee can. Tasty!

Russ and Donna (of Travels in Therapy) recommended this park, and we certainly thank them for it. They've also outlined several side trips for us to take, but we are so delighted to be here that we hate to go away! We like to sit in this swing and watch the river roll by.

Sometimes we watch rafts, kayaks, or fishing boats roll by.
We arrived on a bright sunny day, and have had some of those since. But this is Oregon and this is still springtime on the calendar, so we've also had some pretty rainy days, but that leaves us with this:

Still beautiful! You can see more pictures of Casey's at our website Casey's in Westfir).

We had a real treat a couple of days ago -- we met a fellow blogger, Loree of Life with Luci and Loree! She came all the way from Redmond, a four-hour drive, just so we could meet and share a meal. Loree and Suzy went through bariatric surgery at about the same time. Between the two of them they have lost over 360 pounds! Don't they both look great?

Of course, Luci came along too.

All too soon Luci and Loree had to be on their way, leaving us with the rosy glow of a new friendship. We'll catch up with them again as we move around this State of Oregon.

Looks like tomorrow we'll meet up with Donna and Russ for a little sightseeing. They are madly in love with their home state, and will eagerly show it to anyone who wants to see it. We'll report on that later in ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. That park has gone on my list for this fall, if all goes as planned. Russ and Donna, and Loree and Luci are high on my list of people to meet. Jim did not appreciate the picture of you and the ice cream cone because I wouldn't let him go get one. lol

  2. It WAS a great day and am so glad I got to meet you two!!!

  3. Looks lie agreat park, will hopefully get there some day:)

  4. That is a beautiful park. Looks so peaceful.

  5. We enjoyed sitting in that swing, and also tasting the self-serve ice cream. That's the only park that I know of with an honor system for their ice cream machine. Say hi to Russ and Donna from Dave and me!

  6. So glad you are enjoying Casey's (and the ice cream!!). I agree, that is one pretty park. Looking forward to tomorrow - good night for now.

  7. You will sure enjoy your time with Russ and Donna! They are delightful people You two ladies .......360 lbs between the two of you That is so incredibly wonderful!!!

  8. That is one very nice campground. The ice cream wouldn't tempt me, but that swing by the river sure would.

  9. What a great looking RV Park. Your pics of the river were so good I thought I could almost hear the sound of the water rushing by.

    A self-serve soft ice cream machine in an RV Pavilion? That's definitely a first for me and a good one. No wonder Russ liked that park so much!

  10. We may be heading to Oregon next summer so this place has been added to our list.

  11. Beautiful header photo.

    Loree and Suzy look great. They should both fell so proud of what they have accomplished.

    The park looks lovely and so peaceful.


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