Friday, May 10, 2013


We arrived in Carson City yesterday afternoon, got settled in at Comstock Country RV Park, site 71. In no time at all, Granddaughter Renee arrived bringing us the newest member of the family, Mason Kendall Plain, age three weeks. This is our first glimpse of the new young prince:

Mason was one of five reasons for our visit to Carson City this month. The other reasons are Grandson Sam's 18th birthday (we had to miss that one), Mothers' Day, my birthday, and Sam's high school graduation. May's a busy month in our family!

No long story about Mason. Here are some pictures:

GeeGee (that's Great Grandma) never stopped smiling for the entire visit.

Mason never stopped sleeping the entire visit.

Mama Renee was glad to have some one admiring her baby.

Mama couldn't wake him up to eat!

I got to hold him too! I still know how.

For those who want more pictures, take a peek at We Meet Mason.

Later in the afternoon, more of our family arrived. We'll write about that later. A new baby deserves a blog post all to himself as he joins up in ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. What a precious little baby! New life always brings such hope for the future. And happy birthday!

  2. Mason is absolutely adorable, I could almost smell that wonderful new baby smell from here. Congratulations! :)

  3. So sweet! We have six greats and it's a wonderful feeling. So glad you can be there to get to know him.

  4. What a beautiful baby! He reminds me of my babies. (I think we got that email address straightened out)

  5. I see you have held babies before. . .

  6. Oh, these pictures make me want to go out and find a baby to hold. He is so darling. I'd be smiling too. Have a wonderful visit with the family.

  7. What an adorable baby - and granddaughter too! Loved all the pictures in your album on Goggle+. It's sure nice to hold the little ones (and kinda nice to give them back, too LOL)...

  8. Oh.... what a cutie!!!! What a special time!

  9. Oh how beautiful and blessed that little one is.

    We Meet Mason album is adorable.

    Please pass on our congratulations to Renee. She looks so proud.

  10. How precious! GG looks very happy holding the little guy, and you look happy too. Mason is so small in your arms! What a nice visit. I wonder how old Mason will be when he first realizes he has his own blog post.

  11. Mason is absolutely incredible and gorgeous/handsome!! Gee Gee and Gee Papa look great too!! How wonderful to finally get to hold one sooo little and precious!


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