Monday, May 6, 2013

Lake Mead National Recreation Area

As mentioned last time, upon leaving the Valley of Fire, we passed through the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. When your hear "Lake Mead," you undoubtedly think of boats, waterskis, noise, fishing, bikinis by the score, and whatever you might think of. What we noticed was the geology. Guess we're getting older.

Our heads were turning left and right (mostly right) as we passed these wonderful geological treats. We hope you'll be as amazed at some of them as we were! We can't give you names of most formations, because we were in a hurry to get home after our big day. We just were agog at the sights!

As you view these pictures, you may want to ask whether we tweaked them just a bit. Yes, we did. The camera sees differently than the human eye and mind. Tweaking the pictures helps to restore what we saw and what we felt while we looked at those mountains. So sit back and accept our version of what we saw and what we felt.

These next two pictures are of what the National Park Service calls the "Bowl of Fire," which to us seemed like an extension of the Nevada State Park's Valley of Fire.

This last picture made us think of a person sleeping, or possibly even a mummy.! What do you see here?
Mother Nature, or Father God, or whatever you want to call that creative power, has a great range of imagination and forward planning. We hope to hang on to our own imagination as we continue to live .. Our Life on Wheels.


  1. So glad you enjoyed this area as much as we did. We also went looking for a lake and found the hills. We noticed the last one as welland discussed a couple of illusions ranging from aburried mushroom cloud to a large nipple. Each to their own.

  2. Jerry, you asked about Bottomless Lakes State Park and if I thought you two would like it. The park is very interesting with all the lakes (small ponds) and the scenery. I don't think it would be a place that you would want to spend a week or so, but we enjoyed our couple days there.

    Roswell has the Alien stuff all over the place and promote it very much. It's a nice small town with all the big box stores and a number of restaurants.

    New Mexico Military Institute is a state-supported educational institution located in Roswell, New Mexico, United States. It is the only state-supported military college located in the western United States. It has a very nice campus.

    Carlsbad isn't that far away, as is Ruidoso. We like Ruidoso and stop there when we get a chance and it's in the area also.

    Enjoying your blog and brings back memories of when we were out there. Nice break from "The Strip".

  3. We loved that area. So much beauty in one place.

    I think it looks like a mushroom.

  4. What beautiful sights! I like the idea of a sleeping giant.

  5. It's these places that I think about when people say Las Vegas. There are so many beautiful places to see.

  6. I sure loved your pictures. And that one sure does look like a person's head. Where was the rest of his body? (grin)

  7. Your tweaking looks very good. I so agree that a bit of tweaking, especially with contrast, shows more of what you really saw out there. We also loved visiting the Valley of Fire

  8. Such wonderful photos you have for great memories!!! Love those red rocks!!!!

  9. Nice pictures Jerry. Now I'm going to have to follow you guys around!!


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