Monday, April 15, 2013

The Angels Above and the Angels Below

The angels above and the angels below have conspired once again to melt our Jell-O.

We have long been certain that we have angels sitting on our shoulders, making sure that we make the best choices, even if we have to make them under duress. We are very happy with our angels, we are very proud of our angels. Sometimes we are upset about what our angels cause us to do or not do.

This time our angels had a major job to do, and it has taken them a few weeks to do it.

Today was our day to start on a six-month summer tour. The first event on the agenda: a pre-paid hot air balloon ride (out of Phoenix) with a champagne breakfast to follow. Next a visit with my brother and his wife up in Prescott. After that a wandering trip up to Carson City for a month's visit with most of our family, and later a big round loop through Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and home.

All that was to start today.

You may recall that recently we had major repairs on our car because without them we'd have lost a rear axle, probably while driving some curvy road somewhere out of cell phone range. That was Angel Message #1.

A few days ago we learned that there was to be wind in the area today and tomorrow, mostly 10 to 20 miles per hour. with some gusts above that. That was Angel Message #2, which we chose to ignore because we have often driven safely under those conditions.

Yesterday morning, we got weather advisories on our smart phones telling us of serious wind coming these two days, heavier wind with gusts up to 50 mph, starting in late morning and lasting until evening. Oh, then we'll just start out very early in the morning and be at our first stop before the wind gets really bad. Angel Message #3. Does it sound like we weren't listening?

In the middle of hurriedly loading the last stuff in the motorhome and putting it away (I was loading, Suzy putting away) Suzy began to recognize that her heart was racing, so she sat down and took her blood pressure (normal) but her pulse was 97!

After resting a half hour, the pulse was back to normal. Shortly thereafter it was racing again, at 93. Soon it settled again, and we got back to work. Earlier, Father Bruce, our priest-neighbor behind us, had invited us for a wine-cheese-and-crackers happy hour; we figured it would be all right for a quick visit.

In mid-afternoon Suzy suddenly got very dizzy, light-headed, and drenched with sweat. She was in the motorhome I was in the house. She didn't have her phone with her to call me. She managed to climb down from the motorhome, stagger to the casita to search for me, then back to the house and up the steps, where she told me what was happening. We checked her pulse again -- 131! At that point we stopped all action of loading and storing and decided to take a trip to the Emergency Room. I ran back and told Father Bruce what was happening. He grabbed his kit and ran back with me, to give Suzy the Sacrament of the Sick.

Father Bruce had served as the equivalent of an EMT while a Chaplain in the Coast Guard. One look at Suzy and he insisted we call 9-1-1 and get an ambulance. After I called, he went out to direct the ambulance through our park to our site.

In the meantime, Suzy's pulse was racing, dizziness continued, but she needed a bathroom break, and asked me to help her get there. After just a few steps, she passed out and collapsed onto the floor.

To shorten a story that's getting too long, we soon had one ambulance, two EMTs, two police cars, and four policemen; Suzy was being loaded into the ambulance when the fire truck arrived. There were uniformed folks all around us, flashing red and blue lights acknowledging their presence.

Later in the hospital, it was determined that Suzy had developed Atrial Fibrillation, and was told in no uncertain terms not to travel until meeting with a cardiologist and getting appropriate medications to keep things under control.

Angel Message #4. We got the message this time, even it it was accompanied by flashing red and blue lights.

When can we go? Won't know for a while, but we plan to gone from here for a good part of this summer of ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Gerry and I have had you two guys in our thoughts since Suzy called Sunday saying she was having problems. Hopefully the good doctors can stabilize her condition and get it treated properly so you can hit the road soon. Let us know if we can be of any help and if she sees a doc in the Tucson area and needs to take a break, your welcome to stop by our place.

  2. God knows best, even when we do our best to ignore His warnings. So sorry that Suzy is having this problem, but I'm so glad that you were still at home and will be able to get it taken care of. And you didn't blow away in the wind storm, either. :) I'm praying for you both.

  3. Suzy should become stable quite quickly with good treatment. I pray this will be so. What a fright filled time for you both. Just as well we have jello.

    Hope you still get the opportunity for the balloon ride.


  4. You can always travel later. Getting Suzy feeling better and her heart beating correctly IS the main focus. Sending out prayers that she can get into the cardiologist very quickly, get the right medication and get on the road to feeling much better.

  5. We sure are glad you have those angels looking out for you and that you listened to their messages. Prayers for Suzy, the medical pros treating her, and of course for you Jerry. We look forward to good news on the return to health and ability to travel.

  6. What a scary situation! Glad that you got the help you needed. I'll keep you both in my thoughts.

  7. Prayers for both of you from our house. Sometimes the Lord uses what I call a brick all to make sure we listen to Him. I'm pretty sure with the right medication Suzy will be stabilized easily and will feel so much better. Hugs, guys. Keep us advised of how Suzy is feeling. Thanks.

  8. I know what it is like to be on the floor with all those men hovering over you. Glad the message finally got thru. After all she has done to improve her health, Suzy sure dosenT deserve this kind of trouble. Just glad it didn't happen while driving. Hopefully the doctors will be of help to her and get this under control.

  9. We are keeping you both in our thoughts. We hope that you will be on the road soon!

  10. Must have been a scary situation for Suzy - and you too, Jerry. I can't imagine having a Priest hovering over while giving the "Last Rites" (the prayer prior to being re-named the Sacrament for the Sick).

    Glad to hear Suzy has stabilized and will be receiving the proper medical attention to deal with this situation.

    1. Rick, we're so glad they changed the name! "Extreme Unction" was the formal name, of course, and that sounds even worse than Last Rites!

  11. So very sorry to hear of Suzy's troubles. Glad you were at home where she could get quick care. Hopefully, she will be stabilized soon and you guys will be on the road in no time. Praying for you both.

  12. I do think "the angels" were telling you to get Suzy some help...Dennis has a cardiologist...They are God Men...and they will help her..You will get away...but first things first!

  13. OMG, Suzi!!! hope things are better and not too horrid to get under control... Jerry certainly knows how to draw out a story :) my stomach was in knots....


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