Friday, April 19, 2013

Small Town America

(Some of this was written last Monday) ---

Thanks to so many of you who sent Suzy good wishes and prayers. She's feeling better, and tomorrow we visit the cardiologist to see what may be ahead of us in the next few weeks. Today the phone has been ringing, and folks here have been visiting to get the real word on what's going on.

But let us tell you a little story about Small Town America.

Our mail comes to us in a small box in a big box of maybe 100 small boxes.
Our Box #299
"Mail Central" for the northside
We've become acquainted with Darby, our usual mail deliverer, just because I'm often up there when she's delivering the mail. She knows my name, my lot number, because we've jawed while she's sorting mail into the boxes. When we're going away for a time, we put a note in our box about either holding or forwarding our mail. This time our note said to forward the mail to our mail forwarding service in Texas. Nothing special about that.

About 9:00 this morning, the phone rang. It was Darby. "I hear you've had a problem. Do you want me to cancel your forwarding order? There's a letter here I think you ought to see." We talked for a while and decided to keep the forwarding order in effect, at least until we hear what the cardiologist has to say, but please go ahead and put that one letter in our box today.

That one letter WAS important. In San Francisco, Seattle, Denver, New York City, or Chicago, do you suppose that kind of personal service would occur? I don't think so. This is part of small town America, and it's just the way we like it!

Now it's Friday, we're on the road for a few days before Suzy goes back for more tests. The cardiologist confirmed the diagnosis of Atrial Fibrillation, but says she's had it for several years, based on her history. Once we get back to Benson, we'll visit Dr. Gladding again for an echocardiogram. After that, it's decision time regarding what to do about it! We'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, some of our cactus plants have bloomed for us, and others are promising blossoms soon. Here's what we've seen so far in this month of ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. That's a neat story about your letter carrier. It's nice to have some personalized service like that. Hope Suzy continues to improve and you can get on the road for at least part of the summer. Best to you both.

  2. All the best as you make plans and do what you want to do as far as you can. Hope for best news when seeing your doctor.

    I love that mail people in small towns can be your friend too.


  3. What a wonderful kind person Darby is. We have had really nice mail carriers but yours takes the cake.

    Glad to hear that Suzy is doing better and they put a name to her illness. Please be sure to let us know what the Benson doctor says.

    Love the desert this time of year.

  4. Ain't small towns great!! Hope Suzy is back to better than normal in a short time.

  5. Love that small town closeness. I remember when I used to send letters addressed to Mom and Dad Sidney, MT and they would get to my folks. But in this day and age, it really is rare. Glad you got out for a few days. Take good care of that Suzy girl.

  6. How great that Darby gave you that personal service. I must get to know her! Good news on Suzy; hope she continues to thrive and has no more incidents like the last one. And, since we haven't stayed long enough in the desert to see those wonderful blooms on cacti, we really appreciate the pics of them. Nice blog.

  7. Oh my, your Suzie and my John! He had A fib that was part of his congestive heart failure. All is well now. Medication has taken care of both problems. Praying that Suzie has the same results with her meds.

  8. Our small town used to have only ONE stoplight...Now it has about 12..Love those cactus flowers!!

    1. We have three stoplights. Had to add the last one when WalMart came to town!


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