Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Out of the Snow and Into the Family

We awoke Wednesday morning to find that the snowman had come and taken back all of the low lying snow he'd left two days before. Gone. It was all gone.

And soon so were we. It was time to move our traveling show 113 miles north to Carson City where our family awaited. But first we had to take a few more pictures. In this one you see a small blue boat on the lake. That was one of three fishing boats that were staying with their owners in our camp loop.

We liked the reflection in the water.

We drove separately from the camp up to Bridgeport, so that Rosie (our motorhome, if you are a new reader) wouldn't have to struggle up the steep climb to Conway Summit (8,143 feet of steady climbing from Lee Vining, at just under 7,000 feet).  When we stopped in Bridgeport to hook up, I told Suzy that it appeared that Rosie was laughing all the way up that grade. She was holding steady at 45 mph and never broke a sweat.

After Bridgeport we made it through Devil's Gate Summit, at 7,519 feet, as if it were nothing. Good old Rosie!

Just north of the small town of Walker, we stopped for a break in a roadside pullout, in which there was a small monument and a string of raggedy tee shirts strung out on a barbed wire fence. I had to take a closer look. The monument's plaque stated: "In loving and grateful memory to the C-130 crew, Steve Wass, Craig Labare, and Mike Davis, who gave their lives to save our community on June 17, 2002."

We had seen shoes in trees, but never shirts on fences!

Many of the tee shirts bore firefighting logos, and there were firefighting related pins, decals, and patches attached around the monument. In addition, there were a few dollars in coins carefully placed on the plaque, and assorted mementos scattered about.

I recalled hearing something about a fire crew's plane that was lost fighting a fire in this part of the Sierra, and I knew that this would have a special meaning for daughter Kathie who, just a few years ago, took firefighter and EMT training, and was successfully made a volunteer firefighter in her town of Minden, NV.

We met up with our family this evening for dinner at a casino next to our RV park in Carson City. Today is great grandson Darren's year and a half celebration, and he charmed everyone at the table. Especially his GeeGee (Great Grandmother Suzy's assigned name).

That's all for tonight. See you next time as we continue to celebrate ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Sounds like Rosie is having herself a ball. You need to let that gal out more often.. Course it looks like you two are having a little fun too!! Enjoy and be safe....

  2. What a touching post... My SIL is a Firefighter/paramedic in Pasco county and it really was a wonderful tribute to those poor men who lost thier lives doing the job they loved.

    Daren is such a cutie and I can see how he would charm all...♥

    Have fun & travel safe

  3. Darren is a cutie...I can see why he would charm everyone! Loved the pic of the memorial to the C-130 crew. My husb is retired USAF & worked on C-130s during his career. I retired from Little Rock AFB, AR, which has the largest C-130 base and where all C-130 training is conducted. God bless you & keep you safe as you continue to celebrate with family!

  4. Your great grandson Darren appears to have a very healthy appetite! That's good. I'll bet he's a real charmer! Have fun visiting with your family.

    Nice photo of the boat on the lake.

  5. This recent Blogger break down has really messed up a lot of folks comment sections & I have been back tracking this morning trying to remember who's posts I had left comments on that are now wiped out. Boots & shoe trees we have seen as well but never a T-Shirt fence either. Always nice to visit family.

  6. I am the mother of Craig LaBare, and I visit the monument because it is the last place where he was alive. Thank you for honoring Craig, Steve and Mike. My best wishes for your family. Mary Lou


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