Monday, May 9, 2011

And on the Third Day ...

And on the third day it snowed.

And it snowed.

And it snowed.

But we had known it would, because we watch Yahoo Weather.  The report had offered a little snow on Sunday, Mothers Day, 1 to 3 inches on Monday, nice weather on Tuesday, and clear and nice on Wednesday, our day to drive to Carson City.

When we pulled into Oh Ridge campground, the Camp Host confirmed the above.

Here it is Monday late afternoon, the snow has been on and off all day, mostly on. Sometimes we can see the lake, sometimes we cannot.

For the last few months we have been saying (mostly me, I admit) that we'd love to be back in the snow country again, without the responsibility that snow country imposes. Here we are, in snow country, and we don't have to plow or shovel or clear the eaves, or anything like that.

And we are comfy-cozy here in Rosie, our home on wheels. We have a propane furnace (sucking up propane like mad); we have our generator to provide electricity for the microwave, the coffeepot, and the computers; we have an extra blanket on our bed, and are quite content. It's happy hour, we've been printing out some photos for our family picture board. This is a board we have both here in the motorhome and in the trailer back in Benson. We like to display the latest family stuff on that board. Since we haven't used the motorhome much recently, it's time to update it before getting back to a family situation.

This weekend, we'll start collecting more photos for the next display, as daughter Kathie graduates from college, and great grandson Darren wiggles his way into our active awareness again.

So now, Suzy is preparing dinner, and we are both feeling the freedom of being where we want to be, and knowing the uncertaintly that comes with weather we cannot control. Stick around, please, and see what happens next, in ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. looks like a very pretty 'snow day'!..nothing wrong with staying inside and waiting out the storm!!

  2. I used to love visiting Tahoe and skiing. But we haven't been up there for a few years because I can't ski anymore.

    It is beautiful country, enjoy.

  3. If you are up for a nice mexican meal, hit up the Tiger Bar in town. Parking shouldn't be a problem, but not accessible by Suzy's scooter :(. There is also a family candy/chocolate store just beyond the Tiger Bar. Plus I'm always up for a cup-o-joe (double expresso) at the Trout Coffee just beyond the candy store.
    I'm wanting to go back to June Lake!!!

  4. I see why you commented about my visit to the hot tub. You could use one there!

  5. Beautiful pictures of the snow! I hope your propane lasts as long as you need it to.

  6. You have more snow there now than when we visited June lake last month!! Will it ever end? Well, sounds like you are enjoying it anyway and are nice and cozy.

    Nice photo display of the family.

  7. You have the life I could only dream of!..Great warm home in sunny Arizona..and a motorhome that doubles as a vacation home on wheels!...The snow is pretty, but we have seen enough for one year here in Illinois!LOL
    Have fun and be safe.

  8. Great snow pics! Sounds like you and Suzy are quite comfy and warm there.

    Snow in the middle of May? We were kind of thinking about heading home that way next year, but I'll have to really think about the weather possibilities now.

  9. I also would love to be in snow again for just a little while. Not this upcoming trip, however - no propane furnace inside a tent!

  10. How nice that you can accept weather that's not entirely welcome, and make the most of your free life on wheels! The snow is beautiful, but I'm sure you'll also be happy when it melts.

  11. Ahhhh, you should have stayed in Bishop for a few days. It was really warm and sunny there, I'll bet. And don't forget......warm sheepherder bread and butter!

  12. Snow is beautiful to look at, esp when you're warm & cozy! Beautiful pics again -- thanks for sharing! Love the family board -- I need one of wall space for it:(

  13. So darn cold looking BUT I know you are both so happy to be on the road again it just is wonderful... It sure looks beautiful! Stay warm my friends ☺
    Have fun & Travel safe

  14. I'd love to be able to see, touch and enjoy the snow though it's really cold out there too!:) The photos of the beautiful white and snowy background make up for it;)


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