Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thoughts from the Road

I was going to post a bunch of stuff about our trip tonight. However, my heart isn't in it right now.

If you know the Bayfield Bunch, you know that Al and Kelly lost their dog Checkers one week ago. Today another of their dogs, Max, their "No.1 Boy," died. They are focusing now on the third dog, Motormouse.

Here's a link to Al's blog: The Bayfield Bunch.

We'll try to post tomorrow if we have power and Verizona access. That's all tonight from ... Our life on Wheels.


  1. Oh bummer! I lost one last month so I know the frustration. Best wishes to the Bayfield Bunch! ~M

  2. Did not hear until after I posted tonight's blog. Another sad day in blogland. :(

  3. We too are saddened by the new's of Al and Kelly having to part with their second beloved pet in a week!! that is a tough one!! I hope they get the strength to heart is with them...
    You guy's travel safe,,ya hear!!!

  4. It's difficult to lose one but two -- really sad.

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