Friday, April 29, 2011

Thoughts from the Road, Part II

It's been a while since I recognized our new Followers, and if truth be told, I probably wouldn't recognize many of them if they walked in our front door. Suffice it to say, if you are a recent addition to our Follower list, be certain that Suzy and I value you! We hope you'll stick around, we hope you'll enjoy our blog, we hope you will leave a comment.

That being said, I'll also say that, although our file says we have 126 Followers, I'm not naive enough to believe all 126 are actually Following us! Some will have come once or twice and dropped out; others will have stayed long, then lost interest. I understand that, because we theoretically follow 34 blogs; in reality, we closely follow five or six, regularly look at a few more, and have come to skip over many of the rest.

Is that bad? No. Is it bad if our new Followers decide to move on? No. Life is too short, and blogs take a long time, both to write and to read, especially if, like us, one of us reads them aloud to the other one. Dip in, savor what you enjoy, forget the rest.

For those who are staying with us, good health, good travels, long life!


A few posts ago, Donna, of Cave Dwelling, asked, "Does Suzy drive that rig, or did I just dream that?? If she does...I bow down to her." Yes, Donna, Suzy does drive the rig; in fact she seldom lets me drive it. With her spinal problems, riding in the passenger seat is too bouny-jouncy; in the driver seat she has the steering wheel to hold on to for stability. Besides, she loves to drive the motorhome! You should have seen her yesterday, however, with fierce gusty crosswinds on a two lane highway with construction barriers. She wasn't really enjoying the drive!

It isn't often that we turn down an RV Park. It has to be the real dredges for us to do that. But yesterday we turned down TWO parks! One was a Passport America park with 20 sites, way out in the boonies. We drove in and drove right back out again. We called another park that sounded a little better.

Gotta back up a little -- just a few days ago we signed up for and downloaded the Escapees Club Day's End listing. Day's End is a 559 page "booklet" that identifies inexpensive or free places for Escapees to spend a night or two. We got the PDF format, and printed out the pages for California, as that's where we'll do most of our travel this summer. As we scanned through the listings, we came across one in Yermo, CA -- where the heck is Yermo? -- that sounded fascinating. It was a parking lot at Peggy Sue's Diner (lots of room, quietest on the west side).

As we were headed from the first place toward the second, we saw a sign advertising, you guessed it, Peggy Sue's Diner in Yermo, just ahead. That took care of the second place. Here's where we stayed.

All the waitresses were dressed in 50's style.

I got to do a number with the Blues Brothers!

There's Rosie tucked in for the night next to Peggy Sue's "Diner-Saur Park."
There are a few more pictures of Peggy Sut's Diner at Peggy Sue's.

In our recent post about Hackberry, there was a picture of a sign reading something about 300 miles of desert ahead along US 66. We traveled a bunch of those miles as an alternative to rushing along I-40. Here are some of the things we saw:

The town of Goffs, CA, established 1883, today's population 23.

A small private graveyard outside of Goffs. latest burial, 1920.

She was only two when she died.

Goff landmarks.

What's left of the town of Amboy, Ca - the cafe doing a thriving business.
This swarm of motorcyclists shed their leathers, then posed in the middle of the highway for a group shot..

Amboy Crater, an extinct cinder cone
Although we tried to stop at Amboy Crater, the access and egress for a motorhome and toad looked iffy. So we looked it up on line. Here's the site:Amboy Crater. Another site is here, talking about Roy's Cafe and Motel as well as the crater: Roy's Cafe and the Crater. I think you'll enjoy that one!

Before I forget, Suzy wanted me to show you the RV Park we stayed at in Needles. Although the sites were narrow, privacy was assured by tall, thick oldeander hedges. We had stopped at his park primarily because we had laundry to do, and they had a nice little laundry facility.

That's all for today in ... Our Life on Wheels. Next time we'll tell you a little about what's along Highway 395.


  1. Gotta love those old 50's style diners. The park in Needles looks like a nice spot as well. I always wondered why Suzy drove the MH, now I know!

  2. Hey Jerry, we stayed in Yermo when we picked up Therapy. We ate at Peggy Sue's but didn't realize you could boondock there and we had made reservations at the KOA on the other side of the freeway. We sure enjoyed Peggy Sue's though and ate dinner there and then breakfast the next morning. Looks like you were enjoying yourself too! Thanks for the tip on the spot in Needles...looks nice.

  3. Jerry, watch yourself with Marilyn. Oh, it's okay, Suzy took the picture, so she's not jealous.

  4. Wish I was as brave as Suzy to drive the MH -- it's so big & I'm so short I just can't see myself driving it. Enjoyed your post & the scenery -- bet the food was good at Peggy Sue's. Taking the road less traveled is better than rushing down the interstate any old day! Be safe & enjoy!

  5. Yermo is just outside Barstow, isn't it? I drove some of old Route 66 and passed through Amboy, unimpressed with the whole thing. I'm going to try for a stretch of 66 some day in another state or part of the country.

  6. I see your trucking right along,,,You guy's travel safe out ther,,,ya hear!!!

  7. We went through there recently, but didn't stop to explore the place. So, thanks for the tour!


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