Sunday, February 27, 2011

Assorted Bits from Benson

This was our morning view here in the SKP Saguaro RV Park in Benson, AZ. The snowbirds must have been happy!

Yes, I know it's not much by northern standards, but we were impressed just the same. And it's been snowing off and on all day. More snow pictures at 2011 Snow Day February 27.

For comparison, here's yesterday's early morning:

We recently purchased a new computer, as the old XP Suzy was using was getting sick: the CD drive didn't work, it stopped recognizing its external hard drive, and it could no longer go on line, even after we purchased a Netgear device. So we selected a new Windows 7 Gateway laptop, which Suzy graciously turned over to me, while she was tickled with the HP I had been using.

It didn't take long for the new Gateway to absolutely go crazy. The "My Documents" category heading disappeared from the file listing in Windows Explorer (thank heavens all the actual documents I had transferred were still safe - I just couldn't locate them through Windows Explorer. Then when I would try to save a new file, it would end up in the wrong folder and the wrong "library!" And I was right in the middle of writing and publishing a 10-page newsletter for our SKP Chapter. The computer is in Tucson for repair; we'll pick it up tomorrow, and I still have to re-load MS Office 2010 when I get it home.

We're back on our "HCG" weight program again. We held off most of our loss through the holidays and a 5-day rally, and are back in the groove again. This is the program where you use a spray in the back of the mouth twice a day and have a very limited 500-calorie-a-day diet. There are only three fruits to choose from: apples, strawberries and grapefruit. Fortunately we like them all, and strawberries are reasonably inexpensive right now. And they are beautiful!

I posted a blog about a year ago titled "Who, Me? A Sports Photographer?" It was about my day as photographer for a Knights of Columbus Golf Tournament here in Benson. To see that post, click this: 2010 Golf Tournament.

I was at it again yesterday. Suzy had volunteered to sell raffle tickets for the day, and I came along just to see where I could be of service. Yup, photography again. It was a cold, blustery day, but 76 golfers showed up and had a lot of fun. Besides paying $45 each to hit a white ball across the desert, they all brought lots of money for the extras. And extras there were: mulligans were for sale, $5 for three mulligans, with a limit of six; a 50/50 raffle -- $5 for six chances; a prize raffle (three major prizes, several smaller prizes, and probably 20 gift certificates including one for $100 off the prize of an astrophotography experience in a local observatory!) -- $5 for six chances. There was also a silent auction for another three items.

This was a benefit tournament, so it was a fund-raiser. The Knights of Columbus, like most fraternal organizations, supports many worthwhile causes. The money from this event will be used for scholarships, the local food bank, and for a cancer research center. We won't know the total take for a while yet, but the 50 /50 raffle alone netted $204 after the prize was paid out. Suzy's pretty proud of her efforts in that arena!

We won't bore you with a lot of pictures, because I know some folks are not golf enthusiasts. For you hard core folks, you can take a look at more pictures in our web album 2011 Snow Day February 27. But here are some of them.

Now, as a teaser --- Suzy is right in the middle of preparing a large batch of pepper relish! Details, and perhaps a recipe, next time in ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. 500 calories a day?..that must be a bit tough to follow??..have a good one..nice snow shots!!

  2. Dang! Isn't it a little late for snow in Benson?

  3. Good thing that white stuff held off for the golf tournament. Dave's participated in (and been in charge of) a few golf tournaments. They are usually an excellent way to raise funds for a good cause.

  4. I'm having trouble getting back on my WW program after the holidays and now it's almost March.
    What are you spraying in the back of your mouth?

  5. Sooooo, maybe if I spray bleach in the back of my throat I won't be hungry...I'LL BET NOT!! This is a rough time of the year to diet...and we aren't fruit lovers...We just try to watch the carbs , white sugar and white flour...seems to work for us...But we are a bit "off the beaten path"...Good luck with the "spray" diet's hard no matter what you do...

  6. The first time I stopped at the KOA in Benson (back in 03), I left 70 degree weather her in Cut & Shoot, TX (North of Houston), and got freezing weather at Benson. I mentioned to my better harf that I thought Arizona was suppose to be warm. That was around Christmas time, so what did I expect??

  7. Whoa, and I thought it was cold in Paso Robles last night! Crazy weather. I don't know much about golf (the photos were nice!) but I DO know I WANT THOSE STRAWBERRIES! Those look SOOO yummy!

  8. I guess my only complaints about winter months in Arizona would be the cold night time temps, the wind, & the occasional snow. At least the snow doesn't hang around long.....not like the winds & temps do.

  9. That seems like a lot of snow for a place like Benson! I imagine it won't last too long though. The only thing worse than golfing in the rain is golfing in the cold!

  10. Wow! Snow in Benson...who would've thought?! Looove your sunrise shot, by the way. Very impressed you were up early enough to snap it. Nina

  11. Wow! Great snow pics. But I'm glad we missed it this time. Looking forward to being back in the area in a couple of weeks.

  12. Yo, guys!! We did get a bit more snow than you here in Gleeson and it melted just as fast. Jerry, check out our new and improved photo group blog because I am putting a "Windows 7 Question of the Week" in the blog. We still meet weekly in Elfrida but have adopted the name of Tumbleweed Photography Group. ( Originally most of our group were using Windows XP but the tide had changed and very few members have XP.

    So if you need help getting that computer back to the front of the wagon, let me know and I'll email you my phone#. Benson is just a few miles away (we went through there today)and we do hit the town occasionally for the Wal-mart store. I'd be glad to help you get that critter under control.



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