Saturday, February 12, 2011


Aloha yourself! So, where have we been for nearly a week? We’ve been right here. So why haven’t we posted anything recently? BUSY!

I wasn’t going to tell you all about being on the Board of Directors here at the park, but Goll-eeeee (as Gomer would say it) It’s been an experience! I was admitted to the Board on February 3, just 9 days ago (if I get this published tonight) and already I have been to seven meetings, and another one had been unexpectedly called for Monday morning. Also in that time, I have received and read 269 e-mails on my Board e-mail address!

Enough of the Board of Directors, I won’t say any more about that today.

Did I tell you about Ladies’ Night Out? That was this past Thursday. It’s an annual affair for all the ladies of the park;  they issued only 150 tickets, and they sold out. The ladies get to come to an evening on their own, with dinner and drinks (BYOB) and raucous entertainment. The gents cook the dinner, serve the meal, pour the coffee. A few more are assigned various technical details such as lights and sound controls. Guess who volunteered to be a waiter. Yes, me, along with 11 other gentlemen, including two more Board members (OK, I mentioned the Board again. Sue me.)

After I volunteered, I found out the evening’s theme was LUAU. That meant that we waiters were to dress in grass skirts and coconut shells. Heck, I’m up for a challenge.

As we were dressing (or perhaps undressing) for the evening, the lady in charge of the evening came into the dressing room (we’re all very friendly here) and told us that there had been a complaint about us servers being essentially topless, and we were required to wear SHIRTS! Although we vigorously objected, we eventually caved and put on whatever shirts we had with us. Mine was a basic white T-shirt.

Our first duty was greeting the ladies as they entered the club house, and offering them a lei. Some of the guys got a little carried away with this, but what the heck, we’re all friends, aren’t we?
100_6232Dinner went well. One lady asked to see under my grass skirt so of course I obliged. I was wearing a Valentine’s Day special pair of black shorts with the legend “Ladies Love Bad Boys.”
The dinner was Teriyaki Chicken, grilled pineapple, rice, and a nice fruit salad.

After dinner, we twelve servers were the first act of the dinner show. We trooped on stage and did our own versions of the hula, We were inspired and led by a real Hawaiian lady, one of the leaseholders here in the park.

Afterwards, we were allowed to sit in the corner, eat our own dinners, and enjoy the rest of the show.
I used the word “raucous” before, perhaps risqué would be more accurate. To me, the most artistic act was “Samar,” the Arab lady who demonstrated a very sensual Arab dance of veils. According to what Suzy heard, she was terrified to do it, but was assured that it was the perfect venue for her talents. In everyday life, her name is Paulette, and she teaches Yoga classes here in the park.
At the end of the evening, the ladies were invited to take home their leis and some souvenir fans that were table decorations at each seat. In addition, one lady at each table was awarded the orchid plant that was the centerpiece. Suzy got the orchid at her table!
So that’s what’s been going on here, and now we’ll share with you the traditional Hawaiian greeting, “Aloha,” in its original meanings of affection, compassion, peace, and mercy. And that’s how we live… Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Perhaps you have found a new calling in life, Jerry? I'm talking about the hula, waitering, and new reputation as a bad boy, not your calling as a board member. ;)

  2. Look at those abs!! You've been doing your crunches!

  3. Just like the Scotsman's kilt, I guess folks wonder what a guy wears under his grass skirt. (Probably more than those Scottish blokes do). Sounds like a fun evening all around.

  4. The long term secret to get that orchid to thrive, keep it's bloom for a long time and to eventually realm is orchid fertilizer. there are several kinds for different stages. We have a couple of orchids that have rebloomed three times.

  5. That Ladies Night Out dinner looks like it was a real hoot! :)

  6. You are a brave man - not in a million years would I ever dress up like that!

  7. Whoo Hoooooo!! Consider this a whistle from over FL side :) Looks like the dinner was a blast! Nina

  8. I'll bet everyone had a great time.

  9. Man,that luau was a place I would have been "right at home"...dressed up in grass skirt and coconuts..What fun!!!

  10. Now you may begin to understand that adage about never volunteering. :)

  11. Woo-Hoo! That looks like you had a blast... and the dinner looks pretty good too. Where's the video of the hula??

  12. You both look great, and that dinner is a wonderful tradition! Aloha!

  13. Looks like Suzy & you had a wonderful time!


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