Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We're halfway through our week in Tucson, so most everything is going as planned. Rincon Country East RV Resort is definitely a higher end park than we usually frequent, but it is more central to our medical and other visits, and we got to use a bunch of our Coast to Coast Trip Points that were getting kind of old.

Rincon Country RV Resort - that's Rosie on the left.
 When we arrived, we found the entry gate closed, but we pushed the magic numbers and a nice lady talked to us on the speaker, then allowed us to come in. She also met us at the office (it's closed on weekends during this part of the year) and led us to a site. We checked in Monday morning when the office opened, to find they had no knowledge that we had reservations! We had made the reservation in April and had the confirmation letter in hand, so we were accepted with open arms.

Our view at 7:30pm.

Almost immediately upon arriving, I lost my key ring, with the car key, keys for our trailer and casita, and our mail box. I hadn't even set foot outside our motorhome and its site, but those keys are nowhere to be found. We've looked everywhere -- everywhere, obviously, except the exact location of the lost set of keys. We are going to have duplicates made from Suzy's keys, and as soon as that is done, the lost key ring will magically show up right in the middle of the kitchen floor.

Monday we attended the memorial service for Mikel McFall, the 55 year old son of fellow blogger Mike McFall. The service started with an impressive military honor, with rifle salute, playing of taps, and presentation of an American flag to Mikel's widow and sons. Seven members of the Fort Huachuca Honor Guard performed that formal ritual of displaying and precisely folding the flag. Next was the "celebration of life" conducted by a Baptist Pastor, appropriate music, and finally, Mike read a moving poem, and another blogger friend, Rollie, read another one. It was a fitting tribute to a man who had died too young.

Tuesday we got through the first three medical appointments in a flash. They were all tests conducted at the Heart Center of Southern Arizona, but scheduled separately. Suzy's physician had ordered a carotid scan and an echocardiogram, and I needed an echocardiogram to be sure my heart was in good enough shape for surgery. We came through all tests with flying colors. The technician called us both in at the same time for our echos, so we each got to watch the lively images on the monitor, not that we could understand any of it. But the tech pronounced us both as having "a good heart." We have to wait for the final report on Suzy's carotid study.

Monday and Tuesday we also did some shopping in town, and sampled scads of treats while touring Costco. We were even able to celebrate my birthday early by getting a free meal at Eegee's. What's an Eegee? It's two things. First an Eegee is a frosty confection of ice and various fruits and flavors finely blended to be eaten with a spoon. Watch out for brain freeze! Second, Eegee's is the name of the local chain of restaurants that prepares and serves the delightful treat. They also serve reasonable sub sandwiches, salads, and assorted other goodies. As a member of their "Silver Circle" (an old-folks honor for sure) I was entitled to a free lunch of a 5- or 8-inch sub, one side, and a beverage! I chose an 8-inch sub, which I shared with the lady who is always at my side, and we each had a side salad and an Eegee. Happy birthday to me!

Tuesday we came home to a tantalizing aroma. Suzy had set up our Crock Pot with a wonderful recipe using a kielbasa sausage, a large jar of crunchy sauerkraut, some potatoes, apples, onions, apple juice and pepper. It's really a recipe designed for an Oktoberfest, but it was delicious that warm spring evening.

Wednesday was another medical appointment at the Heart Center, so my cardiologist could look at me, take my pulse, give me an EKG and pronunce me absolutely fit for "non-cardiac surgery." I guess he wants to keep any cardiac surgery for himself!

After the appointment, Suzy wanted to visit a couple of shoe stores for a badly needed pair of sandals. She found a Nike Outlet store in the phone book at an address we didn't recognize, so we set our GPS on "search" and followed it about 15 miles north and east in the Tucson metro area. On the way we passed through the high rent district with gorgeous homes, magnificently landscaped areas, and wide thoroughfares. There was an abundance of saguaro cactus in bloom, jacaranda trees with showy purple displays, red yucca with multiple tall spikes, regular yucca with creamy white flowers, blooming palo verde trees (bright yellow flowers), and not a single place to stop the car, get out and take a picture. (If Al of the Bayfield Bunch had been here, he'd have stopped his car in the middle of traffic to take pictures!)

We are finding getting back into motorhome living, even for a short period, is quite a change. Our trailer in Benson, with its casita, provides so much more living space that we have expanded our lifestyle. Now back in the motorhome we lived in so comfortably for over seven years, we find ourselves crowded. Of course, since it isn't a full-time place any longer, we have become cavalier about keeping it orderly. We turn the wrong direction when trying to get the refrigerator. We have to sidestep around the bed to get out for nightly potty trips. We forgot to bring the hair dryer and a few other things. We eat on paper plates and bowls, with plastic spoons and forks for most meals. The refrigerator is smaller. Where is this, where is that?

But we love it, and we are looking forward to our next trip in the motorhome, which will take us into Nevada and California for a long awaited visit to our daughters' and granddaughter's homes. That will start in late August, and we'll need to be back in Benson by late September. This present trip is kind of a shakedown cruise to remind us of what to expect for the one-month trip that is coming shortly in ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Glad your hearts are in good shape, and that you're enjoying being back in your motorhome for a while. Hope you find your keys soon.

  2. Me and a bunch of your readers could have told you guys that you have good hearts. You didn't have to pay a doctor for that.

    Seriously, it is good to know you guys are in great shape and the tickers are ticking like they should.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay in Tucson.

  3. Shakedown cruises are always a good idea.

    Glad you both came through the medical tests okay. Now you have the surgery to look forward to. LOL. Is that going to take place in Tucson, also?

    Happy early birthday greetings to you, Jerry!

  4. Thank You both so much for coming to Mikel's memorial service. It was very thoughtful of you and very much appreciated by Ms pat and I.

    I'm sorry you lost your keys etc.. Sounds like something I would do...

    Bless you two!!

  5. So sorry you lost your keys...don't you just hate it when that happens?? The campground is just beautiful, what a nice place to hang out for awhile.

    Glad things are going well for you both at your doctors....thats always a relief!

    Take care and stay safe!
    Mike & Gerri

  6. I could have told you that you and Suzy have "good hearts", you didn't need to go to a Doctor for that!!

    Those Eegee's sound good especially the deal you got on them. Too bad about the keys, but your right, they'll show up right where you left them.

    Great to hear that you're all cleared for your knee surgery too in a few weeks. Hope you and Suzy continue to enjoy your short RV'ing holiday.

  7. So glad to hear that your medical checkups have gone well, so far. Especially Jerry's heart fitness for surgery. And a Happy Birthday to you!

  8. Thought you were going to tell us about putting a slice of red onion in that Eegee fruit & spoon concoctionater mossmagator.
    We go through that rig familiaration thing every fall & it's always so disheartening to realize that after only 6 months of not using it we quickly forget so much.
    I think you guys got in more medical appointments in one week than I have had in my entire life but 'ya ya', I know my time is coming & will have to eat those words.....preferrabley with a big slice of red onion eh:))

  9. Hi Jerry'n'Suzy! Just checking in on some of the blogs. Haven't been on them lately. and......what do I see...that Jerry got knee surgery!!!! Have to relearn how to get around on these blogs again. But from what I read (and now I can't find my way back to that spot) you must have surgery about the same time I did....June 7th???? Both my knees were I got two new going through that rehab like you...OUCH!!! I don't have much on my blog but I do on my Facebook site...with pictures. Keep in touch and let me know how all is proceeding. ((soft hugs)) Tricia


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