Sunday, May 16, 2010

On the Road Again?

Hey, we're on a mini-trip! Where are we? Fifty miles from home, at the Rincon Country East RV Park in Tucson, Arizona. Where the temperature was in the mid-90s today and is expected to climb through the week.

Why are we here? Well, the main reason is that we have medical appointments here in Tucson this week, three on Tuesday and one each Wednesday and Thursday. It's at least 100 to 120 miles round trip to these appointments, and three days in a row isn't particularly appealing to us. So we are using up some of our Coast to Coast "Trip Points" at this Best Parks in America site.

While we are here, we are also attending the funeral of Mikel McFall, the oldest son of our good friend and fellow blogger, Mike McFall. Mikel died in his sleep last week at age 55, leaving a wife and two young sons. We want to be there for Mike, for his wife Pat, and to pay our respects to the family.

What are our plans for the rest of the week? We had talked about getting out and doing sightseeing. There is much to do and see in the Tucson area. There's Saguaro National Park, there's Sabino Canyon, there's the Desert Botanical Gardens, there's the Titan Missile Museum down the road. That's the last remaining remnant of the massive missile system the USA deployed around the nation during the Cold War.

But you know what? We've pretty much decided to spend a lot of our time sitting on our duffs, relaxing. We aren't remodeling the casita, we aren't planting more cactus, we aren't administering anything for the SKP Chapter. We are going to take care of ourselves this week, catch up on reading and sleeping, and try to stay cool!

Speaking of staying cool:

That's us at Liard Hot Springs during our Alask\a trip in 2005.

A wonderful glacier in Alaska (we left our notes home, can't tell you the name of this one).

Sea Otters at rest in Alaskan waters

Another Alaska glacier

Mount Hood in Oregon

Washington State's beautifuol Mount Rainier.
That's keeping cool along ... Our Life on Wheels!


  1. Nice of you folks to be there for the McFall family. I'm sure they appreciate your support at this difficult time.

  2. I pray all your appointments and test go well!!
    I love any pictures of MT. Hood I have driven thru that paas twice now to see my birth mom recently.I found her when I was 51.I love Oregon!!!

    Have fun relaxing!

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  3. Tee hee..I signed my craft blog signature..I meant to sign it Cindy and Walker from my RV blog.

    Cindy and Walker

  4. Just looking at those Alaska pictures makes me feel cooler! I enjoyed your pictures of Mt. Hood and Mt. Ranier. That's our territory that you are talking about! We'll be heading back there shortly.

    Stay cool, Jerry and Suzy. Hope the medical appointments go well!

  5. I didn't know about Mike & Pat's son... I am so sad about it! Please Please tell them my heart goes out to them... Hope all goes well with your appointments and all! Stay safe and travel safe

  6. A mini RV trip is a mighty nice way to handle those medical appointments. As much as we don't like big cities we have in the past found Tucson to our liking & if for any reason we had to spend any time in a big city we would probably chose Tucson. I really liked the Davis Monthan Airpark museum & enjoyed driving up Kitt Peak & seeing all the telescopes. Don't know if I would care for those super hot temps your having right now though. Good luck with all the appointments.

  7. Hope all your tests, are good, that picture of the two of you in the hot spring, made me want to hit the pool as soon as it gets warm and dry around here, the lake where we have a membership is till to cold, but the river at the state park and the campground pools shoiuld warm up if we get a week of sunny weather.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  8. It's good to see you're on the road again. Even 50 miles can give you a whole new scene and outlook. Take the time to re-charge and relax. Glad you're there for the McFalls, too. Give them our best.

  9. Nice to hear you've got the old MH out and rolling! Nothing wrong with just sitting around, reading and taking it easy either. Hope all your Dr.'s appointments go well. If you get the chance, please pass on my condolences to Mike and Pat about the loss of their son Mikel. Great to see that you and Suzy are going to pay your respects. I'm sure that will be much appreciated by the family.

  10. Hope all goes well with your doctor's appointments.
    So glad you all are going to be there for Mike and Pat and Mikel's family. What a sad tragedy.

    Thanks for sharing your pictures!!
    Alaska is our dream trip and we just can't wait to get there. Until then I am thankful for friends that share their journeys with us. :)

    Travel safely!
    Mike & Gerri

  11. One of Brad's favorite things down there was the Titan II missile - if you change your mind, you might want to try it out. Now me, I brought a book! :-)

    Good luck with your doctor apts!!

    Suzanne & Brad


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