Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Golly, it must be spring time, 'cause so many RVers are on the move. The most recent count is only 157 leaseholders in the park (out of about 300), just 48 guests, and that includes the folks on 6- or 12- month leases. Lots of vacant spots now, and the number of vacancies is growing fast! Sadly, one couple that we like a lot is leaving the park, moving to Boise, ID, where they got an offer they could not refuse. We'll miss Howard and Mollie very much.

But as RVers travel, they have to stop somewhere for a night or two, and we have been visited here in Benson by several neat couples, most of whom are fellow bloggers. Rather than give you dates, details, and what we had for dinner, we'll just list all the folks we've been so pleased to spend time with.

Let's go way back and see Al and Kelly (Travel with the Bayfield Bunch). They're back home in Bayfield, Ontario now, but still blogging away.

Ken and Vicki, whom we've know for a few years, came and visited with us. Vicki had a blog (Kings on the Road), but has since found Facebook, and she hasn't posted for a while.

Art and Connie were among our very first "friends on the road." They run a different blog through MyTripJournal. We don't have a link for them today, sorry.

Motty and Patti were here; they are currently running all over the country re-establishing their traveling method.

Donna and Ralph (Our Adventures with Tassie) have just passed through California's coast redwoods, and are enjoying the Oregon coast on their way to Alaska.

Rick and Paulette (Rick & Paulette's RV Travels) have gone back to Cowichan Bay, British Columbia, and are catching up on yard and home details.

Bruce and Margie (Bruce and Margie's Full Time Journey)  stopped by. They are in Salem, Virginia visiting family.

Nearer home, Don and Sharon (Gypsy and the Mariner) have been in and out a few times. They are on their way east, planning to attend the Eastern Gypsy Gathering Rally in August. We have to apologize, though, that we couldn't find a newer picture. They're much better looking now!

Joy and Phil (Backroad Chronicles)  are making up for lost time due to emergency heart surgery for Joy, but they took time to visit with us in Benson.

Bill and Mabel, although not bloggers themselves, do follow our blog. They made a stop in Benson on their way back to the Phoenix area for medical tests and, hopefully, some solutions.

Ken and Debbie, our next door neighbors left here last week. They will be working in Colorado this summer, probably back by October.

We're not doing a lot of traveling ourselves, but isn't it great that so many travelers have stopped to see us? We are honored and a little bit humbled by that. And it's always hard for us to get humbled, so --- thank you, friends on the road. And thank you too, the rest of you readers and followers for being with us in ... Our Life on Wheels.


  1. What a fun post and seeing the picture of us brought back the memory of the great time we had meeting you & Suzy and the YUMMY dinner we all had. Have a GREAT day & travel safe!

  2. Great blog, Jerry! Nice to see a lot of familiar faces and a few I don't know. That's a lot of visitors you've had lately for sure. Again, we really enjoyed our visit and look forward to seeing you and Suzy again.

  3. What a great review of your visitors! It speaks well for what wonderful hosts you two are. And we're honored to be among them. Our departure from Benson has been delayed by a few "loose ends" but we hope to be on the road tomorrow.

  4. That was a great post, and a neat idea. Folks (like us) stopped by for a little visit because you and Suzy are such warm and welcoming folks! I can't speak for the others, but we thoroughly enjoyed meeting you both and had a memorable evening. Thanks again.

  5. When we were growing up..my grandparents always had people traveling thru..stopping ..eating..visiting..and then traveling on. As a child Mema never complained..she always had a cake..or a plate full of cookies..just ready on the weekends.
    These pictures remind me of those days..visitors..new..old friends..and neighbors..what LUCKY People you are!! I know you have touched others when they visited ..they all have spoken highly of you..and your cooking. What a treasure you two are to the RV family.

    May god Bless you and your Hospitality.

    Cindy and Walker

  6. Well, that's quite a collection of characters you have for your 'Rogues Wall' in the Casita. With all the folks coming & going you may end up turning your Casita into a Bed & Breakfast. Um, let me see now....that will be two eggs over easy, crisp bacon, sourdough toast, with grated home fries & coffee, thank you very much:))

  7. So many good friends!! So many great memories!!

    Having just started this wonderful adventure we look forward to meeting and getting to know more RV friends. Perhaps one day soon we can drop by for a visit and get to know you great folks!!

    Take care,
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

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  9. Phil and I are pleased to be included among your list of friends. Both of you so well deserve all the kind words and compliments on your hospitality. Thank you for sharing your life and times with all of us in the blogger world. You two are one of a kind :)


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