Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's Finally Finished -- Almost!

Wednesday we celebrated. The Casita Remodel Project is DONE, but not quite.

Nevertheless, we broke open a bottle of the finest $5 champagne and toasted the completion. We added a few crackers, a piece of cheese and some artichoke dip that Sharon DelRosario had left with us. Sharon's a great source of dip recipes, having also brought us a fine guacamole just recently.

But that's not what you want to see and hear.

The Casita Project is virtually finished! Here's what it looks like, inside and out. First, outside:

And this shows how the casita looks along with our trailer and the rest of the yard:

The doorside flowers came from Ken and Debbie next door, actually as a 50th anniversary gift, because they won't be here to celebrate with us in August.

Inside we have our two desk areas, new venetian blinds, the old desk chairs, and some nice bookshelves.

On this side is the entertainment center,

and over here is the "piano bar."

Salomon and his son-in-law Paco worked two months on this project, and it shows. They even finished and carpeted the inside of the storage room! To get just a glimpse of their work, as well as some we had done earlier, take a look at our Picasa Web Album, 2010 Casita Remodel.

In our subject line we wrote "It's Finally Finished - Almost!" The "almost" part is the same "almost" as a lot of our projects. There is always some little thing that needs to be done. We hung a lot of pictures, then found we have another triple frame. Now we have to select three pictures to display, and then figure out where to hang the frame.

We have some plaques from pre-retirement days; they need to have a home. The back window faces south and is a source of glare at our desks. We will place some glare control film on that window. There is also some outside work to do, such as rebuilding a low wall that the guys had to take down to do our patio paving.

But by and large, it's finished, and we wanted you to see it before we mess it up too badly!

And so, this is a major non-rolling part of ... Our Life on Wheels. But before we wheel away, we want to welcome our newest followers: The Happy Trails Gang, and Dave & Susie. They are numbers 70 and 71 of our registered followers. Thanks, guys -- hope you enjoy! And please feel free to leave us a comment,


  1. Hey, when did the price of Champagne go up!! Looks like a real cozy & comfortible place to get those thousands of photos sorted out for sure. Very clean & professional looking & it's wise to have great photos of it too before things get.....a little scrambled. Might want to put a coffee maker in there for late nights. Good job & congrats:))

  2. Neat!!! What a nice place you have I m sure you are glad it's finished.....almost.

  3. Looks great ~ CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  4. It must be wonderful to have such a nice living area next to your trailer. Great job! Enjoy!

  5. Congratulations, Jerry and Suzy, it looks great. I'm real glad that Paulette and I got to see the new Casita for ourselves when we were there. It's going to be a very comfortable place to spend time working and enjoying yourselves.

  6. Jery & Suzy, (did I get it right this time) Really nice digs for your leisure time. Only thing missing is a huge recliner for when you are to tired to walk back to your trailer. Just kidding. We know you guys will put that space to good use. Be safe out there .Sam & Donna.

  7. What a good looking place, with efficient "work" stations (I hesitate to use that 4-letter word, as I've tried to ban it from my vocabulary since retiring). I know you two will spend lots of fun hours enjoying your lovely Casita.

  8. The casita looks wonderful! You will enjoy your time out there in comfort and style. I can picture the two of you in the porch swing enjoying the sunset. Congratulations!

  9. Great looking place. I'd like to have a place just like that near Benson for myself someday. I have a sister that lives outside of Benson in Mescal. I've been there lots of times and I have always enjoyed my stay. Great weather, good people and the food is to die for...
    I wish you both a long and happy life.

  10. Hi Jerry and Suzy! Your casita turned out to be fantastic. You guys really worked hard to get it all furnished and organized to suit your needs. I can't think of a better spot to relax with some music in the entertainment area or mosey over to the piano bar! I'm so glad we got to see it, even though it was a work in progress at that time. Enjoy your new space!

  11. Jerry and Suzy,
    The casita looks very inviting. The two month wait was worth it. Enjoy.

    Connie and Art

  12. How beautiful!!!! I just love it. The casita looks so nice and cozy and know you all will enjoy it.

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri Jones (happytrails)

  13. Yes I agree, It looks VERY nice !!!


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