Thursday, November 26, 2009


Rosemary in the dark? No, Suzy and I haven’t split up. It’s Thanksgiving morning, we’re preparing turkey for a table of 22. Suzy and I are co-hosts for Table 7 (out of nine tables of 22 persons each) for the feast. We volunteered to do the turkey, gravy and a sauce for ham. So at 6:00am, it was my duty to go outside and harvest some sprigs of rosemary to put into the turkey cavities (we’re actually doing two turkeys this year). At six in the morning, it’s DARK outside. And it’s chilly, too!

With apologies to Mike McFall (visit his blog HERE.), we’ve been doing a lot of food stuff recently. You know we made a big passel of Cowboy Cookies for our visit with Al and Kelly (check out another BLOG from the old Cursmudgeon) last week. Then the Knights of Columbus had a bake sale on the weekend. We made two batches of banana bread and a couple dozen Red Velvet cupcakes for that.

Yesterday we made some novelty cookies for our Thanksgiving table, and our special apple burritos for our own Thanksgiving breakfast today. Here are the apple burritos, our annual Thanksgiving breakfast for 30 years.

IMG_4801 Here’s the cookie process: first the brown icing.


Then candy corn, M&Ms, and other decorations.IMG_4783

Soon they are finished, 27 of them!IMG_4795 IMG_4796During these busy days, I have done a pork roast on the grill spit, along with two different types of bratwurst. Suzy tried a new cooking technique. microwave steaming some delicious yams with apples and cranberries  in a ZipLoc steaming bag. Our breakfasts have included a couple of my “refrigerator dump” omelets (take all the leftovers plus some grated cheese, put ‘em all in the omelet).

Tie that in with a trip to Sierra Vista Tuesday for lunch with friends Gene and Cheri, ophthalmologist appointments for us both, down to Miracle Ear to pick up my repaired hearing aid, then finally grocery shopping at Fry’s – all in one trip -- we’ve been busy these last several days.

After breakfast this morning, we ran up to the clubhouse for table decorating with our group. A bare table….IMG_4803 …turned into a splendid table!IMG_4807 Dinner was served promptly at 2:00pm. The hot food …IMG_4810 …and the salads and desserts.IMG_4809 All right, there were salads and cranberry sauce on the hot table. Big deal! It all worked out. This nice lady is Bev Bobo, who helped us out in setting up the food tables.

And the end of this day, we hope you had a splendid Thanksgiving, with a realization of all the blessings God has given you and us. Far more than we can ever realize and admit to, God has been so good to us. Family and friends, life itself, the sunshine, the rain, the occasional snow, the experiences we have enjoyed, and the ones we’ve been able to learn from even if we didn’t enjoy them at the time.

Another thing we are thankful for is our faithful blog “followers.” Some of you have been with us since the start, others for a shorter time. In fact, just in the last few days we’ve picked up FOUR new followers! Welcome, and thank you, to them: Jan Stewart (Kamper Kats); Rod and Debbie Charette-Detweiler (Rocks off with Debbie too), “Ray_O,” and Weldon and Sandy (MtnAireTravlers). You are very welcome additions to … Our Life on Wheels!


  1. Everything looks great, but the cookies are awesome!

    Happy thanksgiving.

  2. Gobble, Gobble. Those turkey cookies are fantastic. So glad your dinner turned out so well, and the tables were beautiful.

  3. So much food, I don't know where to begin(poor Mike!). Those apple burrito's sure looked good and so did those cookies. That Thanksgiving Dinner at the park must have been terrific! Have a great weekend and hope you have lots of leftovers!!

  4. OK, that does it!! I'm coming up there & moving in with you guys & all your neat-o food:))

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Gramma and Papa! Thinking of you both during this very thankful day!


    ~N~E~E~, Adam and Darren

  6. It looks like you two had a grand Thanksgiving! I love the turkey cookies!

  7. Wow that is a lot of food to fix! And those cookies look great. Looks like you had a good turnout!

  8. Aggggggggggrrrrrrr,,,,,,What can I say,,,'cept nice Blog? I gained 5 lb.


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