Sunday, November 29, 2009


It came at 3:00am. A sudden flash and a stunning crash. My only comment was, “I hope to hell that was thunder!” That comment was directed at Suzy, who had recently awakened in her constant pain from shoulder problems and padded out to her recliner for a more comfortable rest. (I had arrived quite unexpectedly in the living room, where Suzy sat wide-eyed with wonder.)

Suzy confirmed that she had briefly seen a flash and had been rocked by the same sudden noise. Once we heard the sound of rain on the roof, I dutifully trotted out in the the dark and now dampening night to move under cover some of the electronic equipment that litters our yard.

After forty minutes and three chapters of Andrew Greeley’s entertaining novel The Bishop at Sea, I retrieved my CPAP mask from where it had been flung after the clap, turned out the light, and immediately came up with the theme of this blog. Which, of course, had to be recorded. So here I sit at 4:00am, wearing nothing but bright red ‘jammy pants and my computer glasses, frantically trying to record the story for your amusement. IMG_4824 See how devoted I am to my craft and my readers? Aren’t you proud of me?

And so, back to bed, “…to sleep, perchance to dream.” (Shakespeare's Hamlet, Act III, Scene 1.)

But alas, it was not to be. Back to the keyboard at 4:40am, fully awake, with a cup of the special coffee/cocoa blend we save for Sunday mornings. Ah, “tradition.” (From Fiddler on the Roof, a musical based on stories by Sholom Aleichem.) At least now I am more fully dressed.

You can see that this post is going to be random ramblings; so be it. (Or, in Latin, “Amen.”)

I mentioned Suzy’s constant pain. For those who aren't that close to us, Suzy has been in a lot of pain for the past year, from a variety of physical afflictions she does not deserve (does any of us deserve them? I believe some do, but certainly not the venerable and virtuous Suzy.) These pains, and my own knee surgery, are what have kept us close to Benson this year, and provided the excellent window of opportunity to purchase our new-to-us park trailer.IMG_3601 Her most afflicting pain at this writing is her left shoulder which, according to the X-rays is slipping backwards, due to rapid degeneration of the joint! To remedy that situation, Suzy is scheduled for total shoulder replacement surgery on December 18, which we believe will be a fine Christmas present for both of us.

I also mentioned the electronic equipment in our yard. The key instrument in question is the battery charger for our new-to-us but used green golf cart. 100_4236 No, we don’t play golf, but golf carts are the transport of choice among residents of this and many RV parks. This one is powered by six eight-volt batteries. Unfortunately, two of those batteries are significantly under-powered, and the cart has difficulty traveling up the gentle slope of most of our park roads. Hence the cart sits with battery charger, attempting in vain, it seems, to force those recalcitrant cells to regain their proper attitude.

We have taken the seemingly idiotic action of dropping three aspirin into each of the stubborn two batteries (take three aspirin and call me in the morning?), on the advice of several of our local worthies who know more about golf carts than we do. We’ll see if that does any good,. If not, it will mean a trip to Sam’s Club or Costco for batteries!

In the meantime, the green golf cart has earned the moniker “Reluctant Froggie.”

Welcome to our newest follower, Susan Bidniak! Susan, we have to tell you – you are in good company, and we hope you enjoy our periodic epistles.

So we continue rambling along, working our way through … Our Life on Wheels!


  1. With the red jammy pants & green reluctant Froggy you guys already have your Christmas colors out in full force. We got the thunder & lightning too but not till about 5:30 this morning. Hopefully Suzy's shoulder pain will ease off for the next 3 weeks until it can be repaired. In the meantime keep the epistle missles jammies & all:))

  2. What a frightful way to start a Sunday morning! No, not by a clap of thunder. I'm talking about myself getting up early this morning and the first blog I read is yours - only to see you sitting in front of a computer wearing nothing but "red jammie shorts". But, then I also get quotes from "Hamlet" and "Fiddler on the Roof" - quite a diverse and wonderful post - Jerry.

    Best wishes for a successful surgery on Suzy's shoulder too. We're hoping that will make life much more enjoyable for her.

  3. Jerry, the red pajama shorts are YOU big guy!
    Did the lightning strike do any damage near by?
    Here's hoping all goes well for Suzy with her surgery. What is the healing time for that sort of procedure? I didn't even know they could do that! Ahhhh, the wonders of modern medicine. I do believe if we can live long enough, they will soon be able to fix all that ails us!
    I for one REALLY appreciate your efforts on your blog! Keep 'em coming my friend.

  4. Suzy - hoping the shoulder surgery brings you relief from pain - you will be in our prayers.

    Jerry - shades of Frankenstein - the photo of you seated at your laptop could almost be visualized as a "pipe organ" - as you role through the music with lightning bolts all around - just kidding. Enjoyed reading what inspires you to write!

  5. San Antonio's expecting some heavy weather in a few hours. Hope we're not scared out of bed they way you and Suzi were.
    Let us know if that aspirin in the battery works.
    Hope Suzi's surgery does away with her shoulder pain. Looking forward to keeping up with her progress.

  6. Yikes! What a way to wake up. I like your trailer and golf cart.

    Hope the surgery goes well! Keep us posted!

  7. G'Day guys. I know only too well the effects of, and the aftermath of lightning! I lost every piece of electrical equipment in the house in 2005 because of a lightning air burst. Everything that is bar a 1998 Sony 27 inch TV. Go figure that out. Anyhoo, nice little golfie you got yourself there. Suzy, I will be praying for you on Dec 18th poppit.

  8. We'll keep Suzy in our prayers for successful surgery and recovery. Loved the red jammy pants and the green golf cart! Hope you can revive the batteries so Suzy can get around the park more easily.

    I admire your devotion to blogging and always enjoy reading your posts. Keep it up!

  9. Wow, I hope the shoulder surgery is a huge success. Keep us informed on the blog about all of that and the recovery.

    Glad nobody was hurt and your property wasn't damaged with the lightning.

  10. I am sending sincere hope that your surgery will relieve your constant pain. You do well trying to carry on a normal life with a smile on your face, but can only imagine the strain it must be.

  11. Our sincere thoughts and prayers will be with Suzy on Dec 18th...

    Six "8" volt batteries???? Never heard of a golf cart that has 8 volt batteries. I thought they were all 6 volt golf cart batteries...But I GUESS you know what your talking about. ??

    PS.I prefer pictures of FOOD! JK


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