Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Weather or Not

In her blog Bruce and Margie’s Full Time Journey, Margie Mallin wrote about “Rainy Days and Mondays” and about fall creeping in to her winter hometown  of Tumwater, Washington. That got us to thinking about our own weather here in Benson, Arizona – kinda different from Tumwater!

It’s still 100+ degree weather in this area. Monday we had 100 degrees here in Benson, Tucson had 102, two degrees below the record. Today should be more of the same. Tomorrow, Wednesday, is the official last day of tine monsoon season, although the rains stopped a couple of weeks ago. And tomorrow, we’re supposed to start cooling down as a cold front comes into the area.

The nights are already getting chilly. IMG_3980 This morning as I raised Old Glory on our casita porch, the electronic thermometer told us the ambient temperature was 57.4, but inside our new-to-us trailer home, the temperature was 74 degrees. We are very well insulated, even with some windows open all night!

There is in the air that delightful feeling of brisk autumn – at least in the mornings, and the evenings are true sitting out weather. This week, though, there isn’t much time to enjoy all of that, as we are getting ready for our first real road trip in Rosie in nearly a year. We are trying to remember what we left in Rosie when we scavenged stuff our of her for the trailer, what have we already replaced, and what else is needed. Then, we need to pick out clothing and other items to load in during these next two days. Gosh, it reminds us of those nasty old days of working when we’d get a short vacation period and have to do the same thing. Add to that, Rosie is sitting in the storage lot, so all the moving and checking is done from a distance.

So much of it will have to be nearly last minute: refrigerated or frozen food, our prescription tray, the computers that we use daily, and so forth.

And we still haven’t gotten our 50 amp electric cable repaired! Steve was going to come yesterday to do that, and we hope he comes today!

One more item taking up time: Suzy is feverishly working to complete a baby blanket for our soon-to-be great grandchild. And she’s having to re-crochet 40% of it because of some technical flaw that these male eyes of mine can’t see.


IMG_3959 It’s going to be pretty when it’s done.

Wow, a two-week plus trip! We’re  almost as excited about this as we were in September of 2002 when we drove away from our newly sold stick house in San Lorenzo, California, to begin …Our Life on Wheels!


  1. Beautiful looking baby blanket, Suzy! The hot weather down there sure sounds nice as we've just had our first cool, wet day in a while. Good luck with your packing for the trip. Just 3 more months and we'll be on the road as well. Can't wait!

  2. Well, sounds like things are a-buzz in Benson alright. Better get some snow tires on Rosie, I hear the snow storm of the century is headed your way. There, that oughta scare away those hot day time temps for ya. Bet it's nice having those good old hitch-itch feelings again & 2 weeks on the road is sure better than no weeks on the road for sure.......10-4:))

  3. Thanks for the link to my blog! How nice. I have to say the baby blanket in progress is beautiful. I appreciate stuff like that as I can't do crochet work. I'm certain it will be fabulous when finished. Hope you got your 50 amp cord repaired in time for the trip.

  4. Beautiful baby blanket, Suzy. I understand your need to make it perfect. I'll redo my knitting or crocheting as many times as it takes so it will be perfect.

    Have a great trip. And I understand that itch to get on the road, too!

  5. Jerry and Suzy,
    Enjoy your two weeks on the road and we'll look forward to lots of information about the area.

    Connie and Art


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