Saturday, September 26, 2009


Here’s a little catch up on all the small things in our life.

Now that we are getting back on the road again, at least for some short-to-medium length trips, we felt we would need to return our little freezer to Rosie. You know, in case we find a real buy on peaches or cherries or halibut or Hatch chilies. We had moved the freezer into the house for everyday use.

IMG_3933 So we bought a 5.0 cubic foot freezer from Home Depot.  This is where winning $2500 comes in. When you register a GE appliance, you are entered in a monthly drawing for $2500. Gosh, how many folks could possibly buy a GE appliance in any given month? A few thousand maybe? We may soon be rich!
IMG_3942 IMG_3946

Suzy carefully categorized all of our frozen food from the old freezer and placed it in baskets in the new freezer.

Suzy’s mouse was dying. The one for the desktop computer, so we bought a new Microsoft Comfort Optical Mouse. The old one was so slow she had to swipe it three times to get the cursor across the screen. IMG_3939

The new one is a whizbang!

From mouse to rat, or something. Early this year we had a rat living under our casita. The exterminator got rid of that one, and things were calm for a while. Now it seems there’s another rat, or rats, crawling under our concrete tile front porch and into the airspace below the casita.


I’ve got work to do to build a barrier. More on that as it happens.

These fall mornings are cooling down. This morning the temp was down to the mid-70s. so we had my special oatmeal recipe for breakfast. It’s made with half old fashioned oats, half Grape-Nuts cereal, brown sugar, cinnamon, and flax seed, all floating in two cups of nonfat milk. Today we added dried blueberries and served the oatmeal over sliced bananas. Just the dish for these chilly mornings!

While Suzy’s mouse was dying, so was my old keyboard. Back to Staples, where I bought a new Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard.


This one is so natural I can hardly use it! The main keys are divided into two sections, and there’s a hump in the middle. The “T” key is about the size of two regular keys, and the “N” is even bigger than that. And there’s a “Zoom” slider switch in the middle. Sometimes it actually accomplishes something.

And now it looks as if we may take over writing and publishing the Escapees Chapter 21 quarterly newsletter, called the  Saguaro Signs.

And all this time, I’m trying to learn Microsoft’s Live Writer software with all its neat tricks. Luckily our blogging friends Al the Stargeezer  and Rick Doyle are ahead of me and will graciously answer all my questions. Al says it isn't magic, it’s just “good old finger-clickin’ rocket science.” We’ll see.

And that’s it for today from .. Our Life on Wheels! OOOPS! Last minute correction! After Thursday’s post about our upcoming trip to New Mexico, we received a comment from Gina Kelley, Director of Tourism for the Sierra County Tourism Board in Truth or Consequences. She corrected two things I had said in our post. First of all, the locals call Truth or Consequences “T or C,” rather than “T & C.” I shoulda known that!.Secondly I had said that T or C had originally been called Geronimo Springs. Nope. It’s been called Ojo Caliente de Las Palomas, Palomas Hot Springs, Hot Springs, and finally, Truth or Consequences. I have been properly corrected, and I’ll have to be more careful in my future research!


  1. Personally I like the name Geronimo Springs. Never did figure that name T or C ever fit the place!!
    Better get that freezer loaded with ice cream....we'll be in your neighborhood sometime in November.
    If your still having trouble with that ergo keyboard after 14 days just get yourself an ergo arm bender to twist your hands into place:))

  2. Jerry....lot's of good info to cover in your blog today. I really like that little freezer - great idea but we don't have room for one in our 5'er. We are looking for a small power cooler than we can keep outside though.

    I've gotta say your breakfast sure sounds a lot better than that concoction Al mixed up in that blender of his. Sorry Al, but I have to go with Jerry on this one!

    Two thumbs up for Suzy's new optical mouse - they're great. Two thumbs down though, for the ergonomic keyboard - or whatever it is!! I'm way, way too old to try and learn to use big keys, bigger keys and sliding keyboards!!


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