Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Benson - in Washington?

Did we tell you that it’s hot here in Benson, Arizona? This morning, in a relatively cool moment (only 93 degrees outside), I measured the temperature of the “cold” water running from our tap. It was 87 degrees. And that was after letting it run a while. Nighttime last night was cool: the temperature got all the way down to 75!

Our blogging friends Rick and Paulette let us know they were in Leavenworth, Washington, last night, and included some pictures. We were there in 2005, on our way to our Alaska adventure, and really enjoyed the Bavarian Alps look of the town.

We enjoyed listening to an outdoor concert by the Meeker Middle School band from Tacoma, WA. They were traveling to several small towns, and we were in Leavenworth at the right time.

We were quite taken by these young ladies and their horns.
The tympani did a good job of drum banging.

The motorhome was stationed at the Thousand Trails Park a few miles north of Leavenworth. The road back and forth passed through the quaint little town of Plain, just visible through the trees in this picture.

The few stores were named after the town: Just Plain Hardware, Just Plain Grocery & Gas, Just Plain Launderette.

On the edge of town we found these neat old barns.

In Cashmere, the town next door to Leavenworth, we toured the factory that makes an old favorite candy, Aplets and Cotlets. They make other candies also, but these are the best known. With the wonderful fruit grown in eastern Washington, Cashmere was a good place to locate this plant.

Back at Thousand Trails, we watched the season-opening performance of the Wenatchee Youth Circus. The circus began in 1952 as an after school tumbling program. Today they are one of the finest circuses of the sort, with performers ranging in age from 3 to 18. They open each year at the Thousand Trails park just a few miles from their hometown of Wenatchee, WA.

The ten days we spent at Leavenworth was a real adventure in itself. Where will we go next, in … Our Life on Wheels?


  1. I somehow missed this post in all the confusion of arriving home. But, it was great to compare your experience in Leavenworth with our own. I agree, it's a great place to visit and we intend to return and stay longer. That factory in Cashmere is also on our definite "to do" list as well. Nice pics!

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  3. Chris, I don't know how to delete that picture. I think you'll have to stop following with that picture, and start over. It looks as if you are already following us twice, so you can delete yourself on one of them.

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