Wednesday, July 29, 2009


First order of business: Suzy’s wrist surgery (carpal tunnel, left hand) went very well yesterday. The doctors were pleased with themselves, Suzy was bright and cheerful afterwards, and everything seems normal. It was outpatient surgery, she had a local anesthetic, and was awake participating in the conversation all during the procedure. From the time they wheeled her away from me until I was told to go back to post-op was only 30 minutes.

To celebrate, we came back to Benson, stopped at Magaly’s (our favorite Mexican restaurant locally) to take out a chile relleno dinner, then came home to share a couple of margaritas before eating.

Suzy awoke at 2:00am with pain in hand and shoulder, so we propped her up in her new La-Z-Boy, put a pillow under her arm with ice under her wrist. She slept there for about 3½ hours.

Second order of business: see these two photos?

I know what the first bug is, but can anyone tell me what the second one is?

Yesterday morning we had about a dozen of them in our yard, on the paving, on the plants, on the walls. This morning, I found a few dead or dying in the yard. If you know what it is, I’d appreciate hearing.

The first bug? That’s a “screen bug,” an item that our daughters are making in their bead business. It hooks right on to a window or door screen. We think it’s kind of cute. Speaking of the bead business, Deb and Kat are going to be in a huge craft show and sale this weekend in Martinez, California. It’s one of their better shows each year, so they ought to make a buck or two. Besides that, they get to spend the weekend together, best friends as they are.

Third order of business: where did the Monsoon go? We’ve been having plenty of heat, usually into the early 100’s, yesterday topping at 106 (we were in Tucson with 108 at the time). But the rain isn’t coming! The meteorologists seem as mystified as we are, because the rain should be here off and on for several weeks. It’s been “off” but not “on.” They are explaining it as having to do with highs and lows and overcast mornings which keep the ground from heating up, or something like that. But I believe it’s because Jupiter didn’t align with Aquarius.

We read other RVers blogs every day, and we often learn something new. Rick and Paulette from near Victoria, BC, included a beautiful short video in yesterday’s blog. It showed a big double waterfall, and was accompanied by good quality sound of the cascading water. This was his first experience taking a video with his Canon camera, and the result was wonderful. I use a Canon Rebel, and thought it was able to take quick videos also, but … no soap, no video. Pooh!

Squawmama, whose real name is Donna, is currently camped at Lake Okatibbee in Mississippi. They are staying at a Corps of Engineers campground, with nearly every RV site right on water’s edge. They have electric and water service, no sewer. Her pictures show well designed, spacious sites, with plenty of room around them. Gosh, we stayed on Lake Okatibbee in 2003, but we weren’t smart enough in those days to use the Corps of Engineers parks. They are nearly always beautiful parks, clean and well appointed. Their price is lower than comparable commercial parks, and with our Golden Age Pass, we can get in free!

This picture is from our 2003 visit to Lake Okatibbee. The site isn't nearly as nice as Squawmama's.

Another order of business: Last Saturday evening, our Knights of Columbus council attended 5:00pm Mass as a group – we call it a Corporate Communion Mass. After Mass we retired to the parish hall, which is also our Council meeting room, for installation of incoming officers. Although I’ve never been an officer in this Council, I am a Past Grand Knight from my former Council #3518 in California. I was drafted to fill in during the ceremony, reading lines that others should have read. I’m a big enough ham that I jumped at the chance. Following the installation, we sat down to a potluck dinner. Suzy brought her new-found pea and cheese salad. Yum!

LATE NOTE: Between the time I wrote this post and this minute, the sky has let loose with a small rainstorm, along with lumber and frightening! We aren’t out rejoicing under the drops, but we’re happy to see the rain anyway! Just shows the power of blogging!

To view the blogs we referred to, go to the column on the right and click on "Rick and Paulette's RV Travels" or (for Squawmama) "Our Adventures with Tassie."

Thanks for sharing … Our Life on Wheels!


  1. Hope Suzy continues to improve!!

    Didn't know you were buggy!!!:-)

    High here in the Black Hills today was 57*. Quite a kool spell, but we love it!!

  2. Folks, our friend Mike McFall, is nearly always our first responder. He and his lady Pat have their own blog, which you can get to by clicking on "Mike and Pat's Travels" in the side bar to the right!

    Thanks, Mike - we appreciate it!

  3. Hey Jerry & Suzy,
    First - I am so happy to hear that Suzy's surgery went so well & I wish her a very speedy recovery...

    Second - I have no idea what that big bug is... I think I have seen one or two but never a swarm of them. I sure hope that you find out what they are.

    Third - Thanks so much for the mention on your post. This is a beautiful park and we are so lucky to have a good site. Almost all of them are nice except 29 is not good for any BIG rigs... long enough you just can't make the turn into it.

    Have a wonderful day my friends and Suzy please take it easy and get well soon!


  4. Glad to hear Suzy's surgery went well. Here's hoping her recovery goes well, too. Love the screen bug! I could tell it was made with beads, one of my occasional hobbies, too. Wish I could get one - do your daughters do mail order?

  5. I had the same carpal tunnel surgery as Suzy on my left wrist about 5 yrs. ago. At first, I didn't think it had worked, but after a few weeks the numbness etc. went away and it still feels great. Congratulations on bringing rain to Arizona! It's no wonder you guys won the blogging prize - I'm very, very impressed! Too bad about the video on the Rebel - maybe it's time for an upgrade??? Any excuse works for me!

  6. Good news on Suzy's surgery. Jerry, be sure and take good care of Suzy now...breakfast in bed, lavish lunches, five course dinners, etc... :)


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