Monday, June 29, 2009

It's Done! It's Done!

Yes, the trailer installation is complete as of this afternoon at 3:00pm. Yes, Dave had to buy some extra cement for the deeper anchor holes, an extra awning panel, some additional skirting material, and some other stuff. He charged us for those extras, but only to the tune of about $800 above the original estimate. We’re not unhappy with that at all!

He did some small repairs at no charge, and left some problems unsolved, but those were due to the amateur installation by the previous owners. We’ll have to deal with those. He will come back to do some extra work at our request. For the largest part, however, the trailer is installed.
If you are wondering about that “beetle brow” above the front windows, yes, it looks odd from the outside, but it gives us a full-width, deep storage cabinet in our front room. We have so much storage, it is difficult to decide where to put everything! Suzy is busily assigning spaces to stuff and stuff to spaces, and we know that, over time, we’ll be moving things from one place to another.

But what about the casita? We were all set to get that finished this year. Well, the casita will have to wait a while. Right now, we have moved everything out of the storage room, and a lot of it has moved back, but we are all topsy-turvy inside.

The weather? Hot! Humid! The Monsoon season is underway, about a week and a half earlier than average. We’re not getting a lot of rain yet, but there are major lightning storms going on around the area. The meteorologists use the dewpoint as the measure for the Monsoon: 54 degrees is the point, and we reached it today. Our own history with the Monsoon came during our 5 years living in or near Phoenix over 20 years ago. Then we saw flooded streets minutes after a rainstorm began. We still had to drive to and from work, of course, but we learned which routes were safer, how to avoid the worst situations.

Tonight, at the moment I am writing this, we are under a severe weather alert and a flash flood warning here in Cochise County, with potential wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour. Lightning storms are certainly possible. I stepped outside to pull in our flag from its mount on the casita, and heard distant thunder and saw deep grey clouds. The local news on cable from Tucson flickers on and off a bit with the storms.

(As an aside, last evening we watched our copy of the old movie “Pink Panther,” the original, not the Steve Martin knockoff. One of the sub-stars was a young kid, Robert Wagner. Remember him? Tonight we just saw Wagner on a commercial: grey hair, wrinkles, advertising some product for those of us over 62! Wow!)

This is our life, the life that we love … Our Life on Wheels!


  1. Noticed you mentioned Cochise County so was wondering where your at. We had a 7 week ranch sitting job a few miles southwest of McNeal this past winter. Loved the area & did many day trips.....

  2. Congratulations, the trailer looks great. It's always nice to get a construction job finished. Good luck with the storm if it heads that way!

  3. Wow! Your new home looks great!
    Hope you are okay with the monsoon storms and very hot weather.

    We did get temperatures as high as 88 degrees in New York but it has mostly been 65 to 75 in the northeast.

    Have fun on the 4th of July!


  4. BIG CONGRATS!!!! It looks great! Maybe we can see it next year when we come through. Hope you both are doing OK. We are enjoying this wonderful weather in Custer. The low a couple of mornings ago was 39. Can you believe it? July?? Have a wonderful
    4th of July celebration.
    Hugs to both of you.........Pat


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