Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cowboy Cookies!

Do you recognize this guy? We call him Friar Tuck, but more about Friar Tuck later.

Today, Suzy made cookies! It’s been at least a dozen years since Suzy has made cookies from scratch, so I’m pretty excited about that.

You can buy some OK cookies off the shelf at Safeway, and some better ones from their bakeshop, and Costco has some really good ones, so my cookie hunger has been assuaged … partially.

My memory is of “Cowboy Cookies,” a recipe from my mother’s kitchen and handed down, not only to Suzy but to our daughters and grandchildren as well. Cowboy cookies feature oatmeal and chocolate chips, and Suzy has added raisins to the mix. This was my absolute favorite cookie from the day I could first say the word “cookie.” It still is.

Today, thanks to the miracle of our new trailer having a real oven (Rosie had only a convection / microwave oven) combined with our purchase of cookie sheets and cooling racks, plus some shortening which we haven’t bought for years, Suzy was able to make Cowboy Cookies!

Suzy can do a lot of things, but she has limitations, so I got to cream the shortening with the sugar, add in the flour and other dry ingredients, and whomp up the cookie dough. She took over on the actual baking, and we both got to taste the outcome. Delicious!

Suzy even let me load the cookie jar!

Oops, caught in the act

Now, about Friar Tuck. Friar Tuck was my mother’s cookie jar, and she guarded it with … no, not her life, but with a strong voice.

Friar Tuck seems to be designed with a sound effect built in. When I was a kid, if I tried to sneak a cookie from Friar Tuck’s vast expanse, my mother could hear the sound of my opening the cookie jar anywhere in the house, even if she was in the basement doing laundry! And I could hear her warning voice saying, “Ah-ah-ah! No cookies!”
Did you see Friar Tuck’s banner, the one across his ample waist? It says, “Thou shalt not steal.”

Truly I am blessed! I have a family heirloom cookie jar, a family heirloom cookie recipe, and a wonderful wife willing to bake me Cowboy Cookies – but not too often, she cautions me!

Welcome to my life, which is integrated into … Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Thanks for the great story. Those cowboy cookies look just great and I bet they taste terrific! I am a cookie lover too and Paulette's pretty good at mixing up a batch when we feel we need a treat!

    My Mother's specialty were Chocolate Chip cookies - she must have make thousands and thousands of them over the years not only for us kids but for her grand and great grandchildren.

    Your post brought back some great memories, so thanks again.

  2. OK, so if I leave Canada right now with the pedal to the metal I should be at your yummy cookie location in about 5 days whereupon I will have my cookie feed bag strapped on & can help you swamp down another mighty big batch of yummy in the tummy Cowboy Cookies. We could have a good old rootin tootin cowboy cookie blow-out:)) P.S. If we don't tell Rick there will be more for us!!

  3. My mouth is watering!!! But Ms Pat hasn't allowed me to have a cookie for years and years,,On the no no list,,But they do look delicious!!

  4. I love Cowboy Cookies!!! But minus the raisins. I haven't made them in awhile...probably 6 months. They're also dad's favorite cookies. I usually try to make them for him for his birthday. And I always include them in my big Christmas goody trays!

    I remember coming to visit you two and heading straight to Friar Tuck for a cookie! So...make sure you freeze a few of those cookies for our visit so I can relive some of my childhood!

    Love you both and see you in about 9 days!

  5. One for Friar Tuck, one for Jerry, one for Friar Tuck, two for Jerry... Enjoyed the story and photos, and we're envious of your 'real' oven!

  6. I never heard of Cowboy Cookies before but sure wouldn't mind trying them the next time we are in Benson :)

    Connie and Art


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