Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Summer Storm Coming

If you didn't get up early this morning, you missed it!

We were up early to head to Tuscon for a medical test. At 5:15 I stepped out the front door .. to this!

Then this!

The afternoon news told us yesterday that the summer monsoons were going to come earlier and wetter this year. This morning suggested the same! We are scheduled for "isolated thunderstorms tonight, and two more days of thunderstorms to follow.
Ah, the beauty of summer in Arizona!
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  1. Absolutely beautiful! Again, I am sooo grateful that you take the time to share your experiences with us. I truly appreciate it!!

    Donna Daniel

  2. One thing about it, you don't get HAIL and TORNADO's.. I'm not looking forward to them here. The hail brings Pat and I to our knee's, FAST!!!
    Rain I can handle....
    Good luck on the medical stuff...

    Mike (& Ms Pat...)

  3. Gorgeous pics!

    How did the tests go?


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