Friday, May 15, 2009

Can You Keep a Secret?

Well, okay, it’s not a secret anymore anyway.

We are negotiating to buy a park trailer! What’s a park trailer? Well, have you seen a mobile home? Do you know what a “park model” is? A park trailer isn’t really one of those, but it’s like one.

A park trailer is often sold as a vacation home, because it is purchased to sit on a lot somewhere, and folks can live in it for short or long periods. It is typically smaller than 400 square feet, and has wheels and a tongue like a trailer, even though it is not designed to be pulled behind the family sedan for a weekend or a two-week vacation.

Here at the SKP park in Benson, many of the sites have a park trailer situated like our motorhome is now on our lot. Some of them are larger, some smaller, some older, a few brand new. The folks who still travel probably have a motorhome or other RV up in the storage lot. Other folks live here year-round. There are rules about park trailers, of course. In this park, they cannot be wider than 8’6”, no peak roofs are allowed, the wheels and tongue must remain attached to the trailer. That’s because our park is licensed as an RV park, not a mobile home park. Every “residence” here must be moveable.

The trailer we are buying is used, 11 years old, but it is in nearly mint condition. It comes with a fixed rigid awning and metal skirting around the base. As a bonus, we also get two sturdy wrought iron staircases, one for each door.
This heat pump / air conditioner is part of the deal too! It heats with propane, cools with electricity.
Take a look at this kitchen!

Compared to Rosie’s kitchen (Rosie is our motorhome), it is grand and spacious. Suzy will find it easier to prepare her scrumptious specialty dinners here, although she has done a splendid job for the past nearly seven years in her tiny kitchen.

See the bedroom!

In Rosie’s bedroom there is barely space to move along the sides of the bed.

And the closet space!

The table and four chairs come with the trailer, as do the table cloth and the toaster. No Ginsu Knives, though.

As I said, we are negotiating to buy this. We have found some creative financing at a good rate, and when the check arrives, the owner, currently in Texas, will sign over the title and we can arrange for the moving and setup to begin. That’s a several day project in itself. We’ll keep Rosie, of course. She just got washed and waxed a few weeks ago, and she’s eager to travel again, just as we are. We’ll let you know what happens as we continue to make changes in … Our Life on Wheels.


  1. Jerry and Suzy,

    Congratulations to you! Hope the negotiations and creative financing go through. Sounds like you'll be spending some fun time personalizing and decorating your new home. We'll look forward to seeing it next time we are in Benson.

    Connie andArt

  2. Neat!!! We'll keep watching for the news...

  3. You'll feel like you are in a mansion...all that room! You will just rattle around in it...Congratulations.



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