Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Our Life on Big Wheels and Small Wheels

Wednesday we had an early dinner with friends Gene and Cheri Holcomb. We met the Holcombs last year at the Gypsy Journal Gathering. They had volunteered to help out at the rally, and they really helped us. They were selling "50/50" tickets, and we won the big prize! They sold the 50/50 tickets this year too, but we didn't win.

Dinner this day, for us at least, was an excellent Chicken Marsala, at Galleano's Restaurant. Come on down to Benson, and we'll show you where to eat!

For Suzy, Thursday was an exciting day. We had ordered a new mobility scooter for her, and this was the delivery day!

Suzy had had two scooters in the last few years, but we had not had the sense to buy the best for her. Both of them gave way just when they were needed most. The new one was ordered from The Scooter Store, purveyors of the best. We felt this scooter was medically necessary for Suzy to carry on our chosen lifestyle, and her doctor agreed. He wrote a prescription for a scooter, plus a lift to carry it on the back of our car as we travel.

Medicare did not approve the scooter, because they are concerned only about an individual's ability to carry on their lifestyle within the home. No scooter is going to help in our environment, where walking around can be facilitated by hanging on to every piece of furniture and cabinetry, but there's no room for a scooter!

Even so, the prescription gave us the ability to avoid a few hundred dollars in sales tax, and we'll be able to claim the total purchase as a medical deduction on our 2008 income taxes!

Shortly after 1:00 Thursday, The Scooter Store's truck arrived, and Steve began unloading Suzy's scooter and its lift.

Three hours later, the lift was installed and Suzy was "scooting" around, knowing that we had added a significant improvement, not only in her ability to move around, but in our total enjoyment of ... Our Life on Wheels!

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