Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter, Alleluia!

We’re back in Benson at the SKP Park, and everything is going great!

We celebrated Easter by attending Mass, then coming home for a fine breakfast of cinnamon rolls, turkey sausage, Easter eggs, strawberries and champagne. Yes, champagne. That’s our holiday treat for ourselves, and has been for many years.

We spent a bunch of time in our casita, getting reorganized after our time away, and in preparation for being gone again.

Easter dinner was great! Suzy prepared a 2-rib standing rib roast, following a procedure we learned from our son-in-law Shawn, tempered with a recipe we had gotten from a friend in Montana about 25 years ago. It was splendid! We each had an end cut of excellent beef as well as a bone to chaw on.

With the beef there were mashed potatoes, Caesar salad, and a fine California Merlot. Dessert was simple, a rainbow sherbet and a cookie.

What’s ahead? We have a small rally to attend just 60 miles from here at Bowie, Arizona. For RVers a rally is a neat way to get together, sharing some under-the-awning time, some potluck meals, and maybe a small side adventure. After the rally, we head out across New Mexico, into the panhandle of Texas to see Palo Duro Canyon, then into Oklahoma’s Cherokee Country. Just before Memorial Day we have another rally at Branson, Missouri. Next we’ll meet up with old friends in Mountain Home, Arkansas. After that, it’s up to the winds where we’ll go and what we’ll see.

If you stick with us, we’ll tell you all about our spring and summer as we follow … Our Life on Wheels.

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